Earth from space - sharks are found in our oceans

Where do we find sharks?

Where do we find sharks? Sharks can be found all over the world, mostly in cool waters and close to the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans.

Most ocean – dwelling species would die if you removed them from saltwater, but about 20 different shark species can survive in fresh water rivers, lakes and streams; this includes the bull shark. This benefit allows these sharks to give birth to young in areas where they face little vulnerability of being eaten by other marine predators.

From the sunny shallows to the ocean deep, the scorching tropics to frosty subarctic waters, and even freshwater rivers, sharks are found in a surprising variety of places.

Sharks  and coral reefs go hand in hand. These habitats are popular feeding grounds for sharks. As the shark population decline, reefs are increasingly at risk of vanishing too. Coral reef thrive when there are lots of fish to consume algae, which helps new coral to grow. But without sharks, fish disappear too and algae take over, suffocating the coral and turning the reef into a wasteland.

Sharks are needed to protect and maintain the health of the coral reef.

Shark migration has tangled human minds for years, trying to understand the nature of sharks. Humans have tagged and recorded different migration patterns for years. One thing is for sure; sharks migrate to find new sources of food and they can travel up to hundreds of miles to do that. Sustaining different ecosystems as they wonder through the world’s oceans.

But where exactly can sharks be found?

World Map of where sharks are found

The East and West US coast, the golf coast, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Mediterranean Sea, Northern, Western and Southern regions of Africa, Japan and East China.

With the Earth being 70 % water it is safe to say sharks can be found everywhere, and having been around longer than dinosaur, they have learnt to adapt to their surroundings. However, sharks were never ready for humans and our destructive nature. Only time will tell if their decline allows us to find them everywhere or not.  

WRITTEN BY:Lana Samuels

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