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About African Shark Eco-Charters

They say that true passion is when you take what you love and turn it into your work and this is how African Shark Eco-Charters was born. We are privileged to be able to have done this.  Being with the great white sharks is what we love. And we want to share this with you.

For years now we have been changing perceptions and instilling a love for great white sharks in others. Whether it be our guests, photographers or film makers, they walk away with a positive attitude and in turn pass that onto others.

We are a top shark diving company and we run the safest operation in False Bay. Our aim is for you to experience your great white shark breaching or cage diving trip in a natural environment, putting sharks first with our “first do not harm approach”, and managing our environmental footprint as much as possible. We will also not comprise your safety by going to sea in unfit conditions. We are environmentally sensitive and in 2009 we established a written environmental policy in order to manage and reduce our footprint. We provide a natural encounter with the great white sharks allowing you to observe social interactions and the natural predation behaviour on Cape Fur Seals in magnificent False Bay.

Who Is African Shark Eco-Charters?

Owned and run by shark expert Rob Lawrence, together with his wife Karen and their dedicated team in Simon’s Town, Cape Town.

  • To have a passion for sharks and other marine animals, portray it and to pass it on.
  • To portray sharks for what they are: Amazing Apex predators
  • To be completely honest and transparent with our guests. We will correctly inform guests of latest sightings, weather and prices etc.
  • To ensure the highest possible standards in the shark industry.
  • To be democratic: To promote good relationships within the company between individuals’ no matter our differences in race, background, beliefs and sexual orientation.
  • To be non judgmental of the different cultures of our guests.
Rob, also known as “shark legend Rob” or “Captain Rob” has been working with great white sharks for the last 20 years and has dedicated his life to the great white shark. Rob has been working with great white sharks since 1992 and has become an expert on them and their predation behaviour. First in Gansbaai, and then from 1996 has specialized in leading and operating expeditions in beautiful False Bay. Rob is one of the most experienced field persons involved in all areas of the white shark cage diving industry in South Africa. Rob has been to sea more than any shark person in the industry and has been running trips for 16 years in False Bay. He is seriously “hands on” and still goes on almost every trip.
Together with a colleague, Rob witnessed the first every recorded breach on a decoy at Seal Island. This discovery of the great white breaching and predation behaviour dubbed “AIRJAWS” has put False Bay on the map. This behaviour is seen nowhere on the planet as regularly as during our shark season and by joining us on one of our AIRJAWS trips you may be lucky enough to witness a breaching great white shark for yourself. Each year Rob and the crew at African Shark Eco-Charters works with the top film companies such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the BBC and can be seen documenting great white sharks that are seen on “shark week”. He has worked on over 45 documentries and his knowledge and skill is highly sought after. Rob likes it when guests ask questions. So, please, be that guest and ask as many questions as you like, or just talk “shark”, and make him a happy man!
Shark Legend Rob

Meet Our Team

Rob Lawrence
Rob LawrenceOwner

I was born and raised in Cape Town. The ocean is deeply entrenched in my family who have a long standing history in False Bay as trek fisherman (beach net fishing) dating back to the late 1800’s. My grandfather used to tell me many fishing stories, you know the ones, when he caught a fish “this size”. From when I was a tiny boy, I spent many days playing on the beach, catching fish and I have always loved the sea. I started as a volunteer in 1992 with the White Shark Research project in Gansbaai before moving to False Bay where in 1996, we discovered the unique breaching behaviour of the great white shark. A friend and I took a small inflatable boat to Seal Island to look for sharks. We decided to tow a life jacket behind the boat. It was here when we saw our very first Great White Shark breach. I was totally “blown away” by what I saw. It was then when I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible at Seal Island. I started working two jobs, and when enough money was saved, my friend and I bought a boat and began a company, which I still own and run called African Shark Eco-Charters, and we started taking guests to see these magnificent animals.

Karen Lawrence
Karen LawrenceOwner

Karen is responsible for all the behind the scene “stuff”. “Although I can’t claim to be a shark expert, I’ve put a lot of time into growing African Shark Eco-Charters into what it is today. As a young girl, I spent a lot of time outdoors, camping in the African bush, hiking and generally growing up as a tomboy and when Rob and I are not doing shark trips, we try to explore South Africa and Botswana as much as possible”. Karen has been to almost every nook and cranny of South Africa, and if you need any “where to go advice”, ask her! Rob and Karen have 2 shark loving little children, Jordan and Adam, who are the youngest kids in the world to have to see breaching great white sharks!

WellingtonMain Man

Wellington is the main man with handling the shark bait and decoy. He is fully first aid trained and is a licensed SATOUR guide. He likes to name each seal decoy and is very good at judging the sharks behaviour. He is also really good at making sure the great white sharks do not eat our bait. The aim of the bait is to act as an attractant

Jason Blacklaw
Jason BlacklawBoat Guide
Jason Blacklaws is our qualified boat-guide on board African Shark Eco-Charters boat and was born and raised around the waters of False Bay and Cape Town. From working on the super-yachts in the Mediterranean to running Fishing Charters off Cape Point, Jason now has a new love and passion for Great White Sharks! His overall experience on the ocean makes for a perfect guide, whose happy to share any knowledge with guests and residents!
LeighOn-board Marine Biologist

Leigh spent time working as a Divemaster in Mozambique after which she worked as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor during her university studies. She obtained her BSc (Honours) degree at Rhodes University and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Marine Biology at the University of Cape Town. Her research focuses on white shark and broadness sevengill sharks in False Bay. Leigh loves spending time on the ocean and has a limitless curiosity and fascination for the unpredictability and mystery that the world of working with sharks has to offer.

Nadine Bentley
Nadine BentleyBooking and Client Liaison Officer

Nadine has worked in the sales and hospitality industries all of her working life, this coupled with her love of all animals, big, small, wet and dry made her a great choice for ASEC’s booking and client liaison officer / manager. She will be the first person to greet you and process your booking, she will answer your questions and tell you what to expect, hope for and bring along! She will also take your payments at our pay station in Simons Town, after your trip.

Kylie Samuels
Kylie SamuelsBooking Agent

Kylie is in her last year of BA psychology and has joined the ASEC Team as our weekend booking agent. She has always had a lover affair with Great White Sharks and is thrilled to be able to be a part of an eco-friendly company who strives to educate individuals as to the delicate eco-system and the important role the Great Whites play in it.

Kylie will be here to greet you when returning from your weekend morning trips or arriving for your afternoon trips, she will take payments at our pay station and will answer your questions whether via mail, mobile or person.