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Other Tours

Embark on a thrilling Cape Point adventure, venturing into uncharted waters. Engage with playful Cape Fur Seals as you snorkel, or delve deeper into the depths with scuba diving amidst enchanting kelp forests. For an exclusive experience, join our fishing charter and revel in the excitement of catching remarkable marine creatures. Discover a range of captivating marine activities at our establishment, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Cape Point.

Scenic pic of Cape point lighthouse from the ocean

See Cape Point from a different angle. Jump into the water with the Cape Fur Seals and have a great time snorkelling with them. The Cape Fur Seal activity is available all year and anybody is welcome to join in on this activity.

This super fun scuba dive takes you into the magical kelp forests on False Bay to scuba dive with the playful Cape Fur Seals.

The Cape Fur Seal dive is super fun and interactive dive and one of the signature dives that Cape Town has offered for more than two decades. The seals are very playful and love to show their acrobatic skills to divers.

Come snorkel in the mystical kelp forests of False Bay. Set in protective marine reserves this dive transports you into another world, a very special forest that will leave you with lasting memories.

This inshore fishing trip is geared towards anyone wanting a scenic fun fishing charter off Cape Point. Exclusive Charter max 12