Marine Life


The Whales of False Bay

Through the years, False bay has become synonymous to some, as Cape town’s whale and shark central, due to its diverse marine wildlife activity. Each year the False bay coastline is frequented by a number of whale species, making for …

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Sandbar Shark swimming in open water

The Sandbar Shark

Let’s Talk About It…Sandbar Shark The Sandbar Shark is found in temperate and tropical waters, from the Western Atlantic, between Massachusetts and southern Brazil; in the eastern Atlantic from Portugal to Zaire; and in the Indo-Pacific from South Africa, our …

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Spotted Ragged Tooth shark close up

The Spotted Ragged Tooth

Let’s Talk About It…The Spotted Ragged Tooth Spotted Ragged Tooth Shark, the name alone creates a vision of some scary teeth, while Grey Nurse Shark, seems to send thoughts completely in the opposite direction, and Sand Tiger Shark, is kind …

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Shortfin Mako shark

Shortfin Mako Shark

Another amazing shark to be found in the waters +- 25 miles off from False Bay amongst other temperate waters is the Shortfin Mako. Not to be confused with its cousin, the Longfin Mako; which grows to an average of …

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Bronze Whaler has a copper tone to it's back

Bronze Whaler Shark

Let’s Talk About It…Bronze Whaler Shark Proudly found in the waters of False Bay, South Africa amongst other regions, where the waters are above 12 degrees Celsius, the Bronze Whaler Shark is also known by Copper Shark, or Narrowtooth Shark. …

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