Types of Sharks in False Bay, Cape Town

Due to the infamy, the Great White Shark has achieved in False Bay in Cape Town, one tends to overlook the magnificent diversity of other types of Sharks we find in False Bay. Although being able to safely see a Great White Shark is deservedly on many a man’s bucket list, many of our smaller predators are over shadowed by the powerful presence of the White. Yet the sea that surrounds the Cape Peninsula is abundant in incredible sea life, including the many types of sharks that we will briefly discuss below. Here is a comprehensive list of all the types [...]

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Great White Shark Fun Facts

“Shark”… Few words have as much attention grabbing power. Add “Great White” to that and you will command a room. Many wait an entire lifetime to see a Great White Shark, but few want to meet one, thanks to Hollywood’s unrealistic and deceitful portrayal of the Great White, in its pursuit of fame and fortune, no image induces as much fear or signifies “death” in the water, as much as a dorsal fin! How much do you really know about The Great White Shark? Truthfully, how much does anyone really know about this fascinating creature? Well, I have decided to [...]

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Natural Predation of The Great White Shark

Predation of the Great White Shark Predation is one of the most fundamental interactions in nature and one of the most fascinating interactions to observe, but predation is rarely observed in the wild. Seal Island, in False Bay, South Africa, provides unique opportunities to observe natural predation by Great White Sharks on Cape Fur Seals and to observe social interactions among both species. Methods used in the study of the Great White Sharks and Cape Fur Seals As part of a larger study instigated by Rob Lawrence of African Shark Eco-Charters and a colleague, predator-prey interactions between Great White Sharks and Cape Fur Seals at Seal Island, False Bay, South Africa, were [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Great White Sharks

Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to Great White Sharks. There are a variety of sharks, 503 different species of shark to be precise; but in this ultimate guide to Great White Sharks, we will be dealing with information and titbits about Great White Sharks. This ultimate guide to Great White Sharks, will offer information about Great White Sharks, including their digestive system, eyes and sense of smell, as well as other aspects of the Great White Shark industry, like cage diving and what it could possibly be like for the Great White Shark. Hopefully our ultimate guide to Great White [...]

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Best Places to see Great White Sharks

Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa is the best place to see the breaching Great White Shark The Great White Shark is one of the most widely distributed of all sharks and has been sighted in almost every region of the globe from cold seas to the tropics, and from coastal to oceanic seas. They are mainly found between the latitudes of 60° North and 60° South, in waters ranging in temperature between 14° C and 24° C. Research has shown that Great White Sharks do not remain long in any particular place, and instead will only stay in [...]

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From A Sharks Perspective

A different perspective…   “I can smell them. The seals. Tasty, tasty seals. I just have to wait for the right one to pass overhead. Da….Da! Da…Da! Da..Da! DaDaDaDaDa! ” Bam! I soar through the air…graceful like a dolphin. “No! Come back! I want to eat you…I’m hungry.”  In the background I hear a roar racing towards me. “Better move. Find another seal. I’m so hungry. Always hungry for seals.  The big white noisy thing has moved off. I think they are looking for me. Maybe I should show them how I catch seals. I hear that roar coming closer [...]

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Broadnose Seven Gill Cow Sharks

The Broadnose Sevengill cow shark… its all in the name. This is an astounding shark to dive with its primitive looking and calm slow movements. This shark can be seen in Cape Town in the shallows and in the stunning protected reefs in the Kelp forests along the Cape Peninsula marine reserve. The Sevengill Broadnose Cow Shark... as named has 7 Gill slits rather than the standard 5 Gill slits most shark species have. They have a large round body with broad wide nose and comb-shaped teeth. Growing up to 3,3 metres in length, much more friendly than its fellow [...]

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Great White Shark….Touch

Ever thought what it would be like to... hug a shark or swim on its back like a dolphin does? No? Well not me… So what does a shark’s “skin” feel like? The shark’s sense of touch consists of two forms: the actual contact and the distant touch. These are based in the lateral line. You know how you always see a shark bump an object with their nose? Well, this how they “touch” and it is called nosing an object. Sharks use electro-reception to "touch" from a distance. The second form of the touching sense is the distant touch. [...]

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The Pacific Sleeper Shark

The Pacific Sleeper Shark... is of the Somniosidae family of shark, which include the giant Greenland Shark. Commonly called “Sleeper Sharks” due to their slow swimming and non-aggressive natures, these sharks have a familiarly look. The Pacific Sleeper Shark is the smallest of the family group, reaching an average size of 3.5 meters (12 feet) while it’s other family members can and do grown well beyond that 7 meters (23 feet) in length! They boast a rounded snout and grey-black skin which is rough to the touch, they have an almost torpedo shape body with low dorsal fins. Being Deep [...]

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Can sharks hear?

Its a good question... can sharks hear? They don’t have ears…? Well it is speculated that sharks have a very well-developed hearing sense because it works with the lateral line that enhances and detects vibrations. This makes them good at hearing low vibrations frequencies and finding the position of the noise through using the lateral pores. So they can hear prey that is near. And although they may not have ear lobes they do have ears. These ears are small holes on the sides of the head that leads to the inner ear. The inner ear has 3 chambers and [...]

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