Broadnose Seven Gill Cow Shark Season

The Broadnose Sevengill cow shark… its all in the name. This is an astounding shark to dive with its primitive looking and calm slow movements. This shark can be seen in Cape Town in the shallows and in the stunning protected reefs in the Kelp forests along the Cape Peninsula marine reserve. The Sevengill Broadnose Cow Shark... as named has 7 Gill slits rather than the standard 5 Gill slits most shark species have. They have a large round body with broad wide nose and comb-shaped teeth. Growing up to 3,3 metres in length, much more friendly than its fellow [...]

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Great White Shark Trivia

“Shark”… Few words have as much attention grabbing power. Add “Great White” to that and you will command a room. Many wait an entire lifetime to see a Great White Shark, but few want to meet one, thanks to Hollywood’s unrealistic and deceitful portrayal of the Great White, in its pursuit of fame and fortune, no image induces as much fear or signifies “death” in the water, as much as a dorsal fin! How much do you really know about The Great White Shark? Truthfully, how much does anyone really know about this fascinating creature? Well, I have decided to [...]

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The Sharks of False Bay

False Bay has a magnificent diversity of shark species. The Sharks of False Bay......Due to the infamy the Great White has achieved in the False Bay waters, one tends to overlook the magnificent diversity of Sharks we find in False Bay. Although being able to safely see a Great White Shark is deservedly on many a man’s bucket list, many of our smaller predators are over shadowed by the powerful presence of the White. Yet the sea that surrounds the Cape Peninsula is abundant in incredible sea life, including the Sharks listed below. The Below table consists of the various sharks [...]

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Fun Facts – Sharks

The more I learn about these majestic creatures, the more fascinated I become and the more I want to know! I think this is true of most of us. Let’s see how many of these facts you were familiar with.   What makes a shark a shark? What is it, which characterizes sharks and differentiates them from the other sea creatures? Their teeth – did you know that sharks re-grow their teeth from the back to front, almost like a conveyer belt, and can “shed” as many as 6000 teeth per year  Their sandpaper like skin – did you know [...]

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Great White Shark….Touch

Ever thought what it would be like to... hug a shark or swim on its back like a dolphin does? No? Well not me… So what does a shark’s “skin” feel like? The shark’s sense of touch consists of two forms: the actual contact and the distant touch. These are based in the lateral line. You know how you always see a shark bump an object with their nose? Well, this how they “touch” and it is called nosing an object. Sharks use electro-reception to "touch" from a distance. The second form of the touching sense is the distant touch. [...]

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The Pacific Sleeper Shark

The Pacific Sleeper Shark... is of the Somniosidae family of shark, which include the giant Greenland Shark. Commonly called “Sleeper Sharks” due to their slow swimming and non-aggressive natures, these sharks have a familiarly look. The Pacific Sleeper Shark is the smallest of the family group, reaching an average size of 3.5 meters (12 feet) while it’s other family members can and do grown well beyond that 7 meters (23 feet) in length! They boast a rounded snout and grey-black skin which is rough to the touch, they have an almost torpedo shape body with low dorsal fins. Being Deep [...]

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Can sharks hear?

Its a good question... can sharks hear? They don’t have ears…? Well it is speculated that sharks have a very well-developed hearing sense because it works with the lateral line that enhances and detects vibrations. This makes them good at hearing low vibrations frequencies and finding the position of the noise through using the lateral pores. So they can hear prey that is near. And although they may not have ear lobes they do have ears. These ears are small holes on the sides of the head that leads to the inner ear. The inner ear has 3 chambers and [...]

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The Spotted Gully Shark

Let's Talk About The Spotted Gully Shark Found in False Bay, this shark answers to a couple different names, the Spotted Gully Shark, Sharptooth Houndshark, Sweet William or “Spotty” as “affectionately” referred to by anglers. The Spotted Gully Shark, prefers shallow inshore waters from South Africa to Southern Angola, closer to the sea bed in sandy areas near rocks, reefs and gullies.   This tough little shark grows to about 1.7 meters in length with the females out-growing the males and boast large rounded fins; it has a short blunt snout and is characteristically grey or bronze in colour with [...]

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The Shark Eye…..eye eye Captain

In keeping with the theme of senses, today we’ll take a look at the shark’s eye. A shark’s eye is as advanced as its hunting technique. It consists of two duplex retinas: cones and rods. Cones enable you to see in the colour whereas rods help the eye to adjust to light and dark by dilating and contracting the pupils to allow more or less light in. This allows the shark to see up to 15 meters long. The shark’s eye is made up of the normal elements like a human’s eyes such as the cornea, lens, retina, pupil and [...]

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Muscle and Movement of sharks

Did you know sharks can fly? Okay, not really… but the microscopic grooves, or riblets, in shark’s skin inspired the construction of an aeroplane. Did you also know there is a material created that is similar to shark skin to prevent algae settling on the hull of ships? And engineers are attempting to integrate it into hospital coatings on surfaces to reduce infections and bacterial growth. A Great White tends to attack from beneath and behind therefore it needs to be fast and stealthy to catch prey. So let’s delve into Mother Nature’s design into an apex water-based predator. A [...]

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