Shark Cage Diving with Scuba

Shark Cage Diving with Scuba is best and here is why!

To fully experience your dive with great white sharks you must consider using scuba gear. Today was a perfect example of why shark cage diving with  scuba in the shark cage is better than just snorkeling or breath holding.

It was a windy day and the sea was choppy, but the sharks were plentiful and active. Surface viewing was not ideal though, and all the guests, bar one, chose to dive. And they all chose to shark cage dive with scuba. We use the hookah system, which means the tanks stay on board and the cage is fixed to the side of the boat with the hoses going into the cage.

The water was choppy and little waves were splashing on the surface. If you had  gone with a company that only lets you hold your breath or snorkel only, you would have got your face seriously splashed and your snorkel full of water every time you tried to take a breath. Not fun is it? Nope, I agree! This is when scuba is great. You can stay underwater, watching the sharks, taking your pics or video and not have to worry about missing the “shot” because you have to surface for air.

Today the sharks were very active and around the cage. We dived the guests twice and then even had time for a guest to have a third dive. What a pleasure!

And so my question to you is; is this what is important to you when choosing your shark diving operator? Chances are that like most people, this is a once in a life time opportunity. Make the most of it and scuba!