WA Goverment Not Backing Down On Shark Cull Plan, Despite Protests

Shark protest 

A  protester holds a sign during the anti-shark culling rally on Saturday. Audience submitted: Peter Best

Despite a 4,000-strong crowd which gathered at Cottesloe Beach in Perth this past Saturday to protest the latest controversial shark cull plan, the WA Government says that it will not be backing down on their decision.

The shark cull plan – which will only target sharks over three metres according to the WA Government – was announced after seven fatal shark attacks off the WA coast in three years.

Protestors gathered to vent their anger about the plan to use baited lines to kill large sharks off selected swimming beaches, and environmentalists have tried to argue that there is overwhelming evidence that proves that killing sharks will not prevent attacks.

Sharks have been living in the world’s oceans for millions of years before us, and we are intruding into their habitat every time we enter the ocean. While they can be dangerous, they are not mindless “man-killers” as the media portrays them to be. Entering the ocean should be done at our own risk and there are numerous safety tips to practice that can reduce our chances of being attacked.

The Great White Shark is an apex predator and is a crucial part of creating a healthy marine ecosystem. By culling the Great White Sharks, it will create a knock-on effect that will seriously jeopardize the balance of our oceans.

Education is key to conserving this species, and culling the Great White Sharks only takes us a step back in our conservation efforts.

Join African Shark Eco-Charters on an educational Great White Shark cage diving and breaching trip and let us show you these beautiful creatures in their natural environment. Conservation starts with education and our aim is to change your perception of these incredible animals in an effort to help save this species.

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