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When it comes to exhilarating adventures and breathtaking wildlife encounters, few experiences can rival shark cage diving. Shark cage diving has gained popularity as an exciting adventure that allows people to witness these incredible creatures up close. Around the world, there are numerous shark cage diving locations that offer shark cage diving experiences, each with its own unique characteristics, but for those seeking an up-close and personal experience with these magnificent creatures, Simons Town in Cape Town, South Africa, emerges as the ultimate destination. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best shark cage diving locations globally and compare them to Simons Town, Cape Town, which is renowned as the best shark cage diving location. Simons Town offers a diverse range of shark species and an unforgettable underwater experience. Not only is Simons Town known for its diverse shark species and impeccable safety records, but also for incredibly reasonable prices, and convenient location, which means Simons Town emerges as one of the best shark cage diving locations in the world.

The Global Landscape of the Best Shark Cage Diving Locations

Shark cage diving has captured the attention of adventure seekers worldwide, leading to the establishment of several popular shark cage diving destinations. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the renowned shark cage diving locations around the world.

In no particular order, here are the diving locations:

Best Shark Cage Diving Location 1: Gansbaai, South Africa: Known as the “Great White Shark Capital of the World,” Gansbaai offers thrilling encounters with great white sharks. The area used to boast a high concentration of these majestic creatures, which made it a popular destination for shark cage diving.

Best Shark Cage Diving Location 2: Isla Guadalupe, Mexico: Situated off the Baja California Peninsula, Isla Guadalupe is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and exceptional visibility. It is a prime spot for encountering great white sharks in their natural habitat.

Best Shark Cage Diving Location 3: Port Lincoln, Australia: Located on the southern coast of Australia, Port Lincoln is home to an abundance of marine life, including great white sharks. The region’s thriving shark population attracts adventurers seeking extraordinary shark cage diving experiences.

The Best Shark Cage Diving Location: Simons Town Unveiled

While many shark cage diving locations offer unique experiences, Simons Town in Cape Town stands out as one of the best destinations for this thrilling adventure. Having been recognized as the “Breaching Capitol of The World” during Great White Shark season, it is ideally situated to make predation activity a spectacle. Let’s explore some more reasons why Simons Town surpasses all other shark cage diving locations in terms of natural beauty, safety, pricing, and convenience.

Simons Town, nestled on the shores of Cape Town, is a hidden gem when it comes to shark cage diving. Its strategic location and unique marine ecosystem make it the perfect setting for encountering these magnificent creatures. With mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, and the Southern Tip of Africa, where the two oceans meet, just a moment away, Simons Town comes up as the best shark cage diving location, and offers an array of opportunities to witness sharks in their natural habitat, creating lifelong memories for adventure enthusiasts.

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons why Simons Town is one of the best Shark Cage Diving Locations.

Safety Records: Simons Town has a stellar safety record, with experienced shark cage diving operators like African Shark Eco-Charters maintaining strict safety protocols. These operators prioritize the well-being of both visitors and sharks, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for unforgettable encounters.

Prices: Simons Town offers competitive pricing for shark cage diving experiences, which are unparalleled with other areas in South Africa. Compared to other popular destinations, such as Isla Guadalupe, the cost of shark cage diving in Simons Town is often more affordable, making it an attractive choice for adventurers seeking an adrenaline-pumping experience without breaking the bank. Another valid point on affordability, is the current exchange rate, making South Africa a very affordable destination, while still offering world class services, adventures and opportunities.

Ease of Location: Simons Town enjoys the advantage of being conveniently located near Cape Town, a major international tourist hub. Visitors can easily access Simons Town via a short drive (45 minutes) from Cape Town’s city centre as well as from Stellenbosch and the other famous Cape winelands, minimizing travel time and providing convenient options for accommodation and transportation.

The Thriving Marine Environment of Simons Town: Simons Town’s reputation as the best shark cage diving location is further enhanced by its diverse range of shark species. Legitimately boasting a diverse number of shark species, make it a haven for shark enthusiasts. The rich and nutrient-filled waters of this location attract a wide variety of marine life, with sharks reigning supreme. From the iconic great white sharks, when in season, to the impressive and highly energetic Bronze Whaler Sharks to the pre-historic Broadnose Sevengill Sharks, Simons Town’s waters are teeming with these captivating creatures. The abundance of prey and favourable conditions contribute to the area’s status as one of the best shark cage diving locations.

An Encounter with Great White Sharks: Awe-Inspiring Experiences, Making Simons Town The Best Shark Cage Diving Location

Among the remarkable shark species found in Simons Town, the great white shark holds a special place in the hearts of shark enthusiasts. Simons Town provides a unique opportunity to observe these apex predators up close, as they gracefully navigate through the depths. The combination of mountain and sea and professional shark cage diving operators ensures an unforgettable encounter with the legendary great whites.

Bronze Whaler Sharks: A High Energy and Active Experience, Making Simons Town The Best Shark Cage Diving Location

Shark cage diving with bronze whaler sharks in Simons Town offers an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure. These magnificent creatures, known for their highly energetic and even frenetic nature, create a thrilling encounter for adrenaline seekers. Simons Town, is renowned for its large population of bronze whaler sharks. As you plunge into the temperate waters of False Bay, you’ll be captivated by the sheer number of these majestic sharks gracefully gliding around the cage, showcasing their impressive power and agility. It’s a mesmerizing experience that allows you to witness firsthand the awe-inspiring beauty and wild energy of these incredible creatures.

Broadnose Sevengill Sharks: An Extraordinary Sight, Making Simons Town The Best Shark Cage Diving Location

Simons Town’s distinction as the best shark cage diving location is further amplified by its population of broadnose sevengill sharks. These prehistoric-looking creatures, also known as cow sharks, are localized to the Kelp Forests around the False Bay coast, and have made their way to Seal Island in the recent past, and they showcase a mesmerizing blend of power and grace. Observing them glide through the water is an awe-inspiring experience that highlights the incredible biodiversity of Simons Town’s marine environment.

Other Shark Species in Simons Town: A Diverse Array of Encounters, Making Simons Town The Best Shark Cage Diving Location

Simons Town’s appeal as one of the best shark cage diving locations extends beyond great white and bronze whaler sharks. Visitors have the opportunity to encounter an impressive variety of shark species, including Broadnose sevengill sharks, blue sharks, mako sharks and even the odd hammerhead shark. The sheer diversity of these encounters adds to the thrill and excitement of shark cage diving in Simons Town.

Safety and Conservation: Priorities in Simons Town, Making Simons Town The Best Shark Cage Diving Location

African Shark Eco-Charters is Simons Town’s number one shark cage diving operator. They prioritize safety and adhere to strict regulations to ensure a responsible and sustainable experience. African Shark Eco-Charters, also known as Shark Cage Diving Cape Town,  employ experienced guides who provide comprehensive safety briefings and ensure the use of sturdy cages and reliable equipment. By following best practices, African Shark Eco-Charters ensure that visitors can enjoy their thrilling shark encounters while contributing to the conservation efforts aimed at protecting these incredible creatures.


Simons Town in Cape Town, South Africa, stands out as the best shark cage diving location, offering a truly remarkable and unforgettable adventure. With its diverse range of shark species and a thriving marine ecosystem, this picturesque coastal town provides the perfect backdrop for encountering these captivating creatures up close. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone who seeks unique experiences, shark cage diving in Simons Town will leave an indelible mark on your memory. Plan your visit to Simons Town and embark on a thrilling journey into the underwater world of sharks with African Shark Eco-Charters, making memories that will last a lifetime.


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