Shark Attack Survivor Slams WA Shark Cull

shark attack survivor

Australian navy diver and shark attack survivor, Paul de Gelder, recently described the Western Australian shark cull as a “stupid” and “knee-jerk reaction”.

Paul de Gelder lost a leg and a forearm due to an attack by a bull shark while practicing exercises in Sydney Harbour in 2009. But despite his past experience, he continues to speak out in defense of the sharks in our oceans, and has lots to say when it comes to the planned slaughter of sharks in Western Australia with the new shark cull policy.

It is always a tragedy when someone loses their life to a shark attack and our hearts go out to the family and friends of shark attack victims, but the WS shark cull policy is not the solution to preventing shark attacks in the area. Many Australians were banding together in opposition of the WA shark cull, including rallies in Western Australia and New South Whales.

As a shark attack victim, Paul de Gelder knows how bad an attack can be, but he says that is the risk one takes when heading into the Australian ocean.

“The ocean is not our backyard swimming pool and we shouldn’t expect it to be one. It’s a wondrous, beautiful, dangerous place that provides our planet with all life. Its inhabitants need protection from those that would do it harm.”

We need to speak up for the rights of our sharks who cannot speak up for themselves!

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