Predation Station-False Bay

Predation Station-False Bay

Hello Fello Sharkies…

This week we did a good number of trip,  seeing some excellent sharks up to the boats. The sharks hunting has been a lot more quieter this week seeing maybe 1 or 2 predations on each morning, which is typical of the sightings in early September.

Some of them have been really good to watch and others one hit wonders (this is what we call when a shark has one go at the seal and that’s all you see). One particular predation was really good to get to and went on for a long time.

This is the image I managed to capture when we got to the predation.

Here is some info on predation activity.

Predation of the Great White Shark

Predation is one of the most fundamental interactions in nature and one of the most fascinating interactions to observe, but predation is rarely observed in the wild. Seal Island, in False Bay, South Africa, provides unique opportunities to observe natural predation by Great White Sharks on Cape Fur Seals and to observe social interactions among both species.

What to look out for.

  1. Incoming seals abruptly changing course,
  2. Seals suddenly switching from porpoising to rapid zig-zag leaping,
  3. A group of travelling seals suddenly exploding from the water in multiple directions,
  4. Great White Shark breaching, with or without a seal in its mouth,
  5. A bloody splash, often accompanied by a spreading oily slick, or
  6. Kelp Gulls or other seabirds wheeling over or plunging repeatedly toward a discrete region of sea surface.

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