ASEC and Orca’s

On Thursday the 26th of March we were among the many few people to witness the majestic beauty of the Orcas in False Bay.

We got to the jetty in the morning bright and early and were greeted with a spout of rain and the day was looking rather miserable but spirits were high and we were off to see some Great White Sharks.

We were the 1st shark cage diving boat to leave the harbor and by far the luckiest boat out there being the 1st boat to to see the Orcas. We followed them for about a hour, just in awe of their natural grace and beauty, before heading to Seal Island in search of some Great White Sharks.

When we arrived at Seal Island the other two companies were already on anchor and baiting for sharks.  As we got there we were lucky to witness two kills where the Great White sharks were feeding on the Cape Fur Seal pups. Soon enough we were also on anchor and cage diving with the Great Whites. We had about 5 sharks and pretty good visibility making for some great sightings from the shark cage.

On the way home we were extremely surprised to see a second pod of Orcas. This pod was a lot more playful swimming around the boat, right next to it, under it and all around it. It was by far the most amazing experience in the world.

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