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A Broadnose Seven Gilled Cow Shark seen on our shark cage diving trips in Cape Town

Sharks in Cape Town

Dive into the World of Sharks in Cape Town Have you ever felt that shiver run down your spine at the mere mention of the word “shark”? It’s no surprise. These apex predators have captivated and terrified humans for centuries. […]

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A Bamboo shark is a small bottom-dwelling shark

The Bamboo Shark

The ocean, teeming with a myriad of fascinating creatures, hides its secrets beneath the surface. Among these enigmatic beings is the Bamboo Shark, a group of small, bottom-dwelling sharks that captivate with their unique characteristics and behaviours. Let’s dive into

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salmon shark

The Salmon Shark

Let’s talk about it … The Salmon Shark This blog is going to take us back to the days I first started with African Shark Eco-Charters, Shark Diving Cape Town, when I went on a journey of learning about sharks.

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