Cape Point Ocean Safari

 The ultimate Seal dive! Come and experience Cape Point from a different angel whilst snorkeling/diving with the clowns of the sea!

Get your cameras ready for that idyllic photo as you make your way past Smitswinkel and Buffels Bay, pass Dias crosses and come in close to the cliffs below the historic Cape of Storms famous lighthouse, and then onto the point.

You will visit Roman Rock Lighthouse; being the only lighthouse on our coasts to have been erected on a single rock, take a photo and take back some history with you.

This safari often encounters penguins, whales and a plethora of seabirds.

On the way back from this incredible adventure, stop off at Partridge Point, home to a few hundred seals.

These curious, playful and soulful animals will entertain divers and snorkelers alike. As they tend to hang around the surface, both divers and those who chose to remain on board, will be able to enjoy these curious creatures and they frolic about doing their day to day activities. If you are scuba diving with them, play a game of who goes deepest, fastest, as they tend to follow scuba divers down to 25 meters.    


  • Location: Simonstown, Cape Town – South Africa
  • Best Season: All year round
  • Water temp: 10c-18c
  • Water Visibility: 5m – 15m
  • Qualification: None

Cape Point Ocean Safari

  • Meet at dive shop at 09h00
  • Collect equipment, sign indemnities
  • Briefing for tour
  • Head down to Simons Town harbour @10h00
  • Board the boat at Simons Town Pier
  • Proceed to Cape Point, Partridge Point (seal snorkel or surface viewing) and Roman Rock Lighthouse
  • Return to Pisces Divers at roughly 13h00 for hot showers, coffee and lunch
  • Dive / Snorkel Equipment
  • Marine Protected Area permit for diving in protected waters.
  • Light Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Rain/wind jacket
  • Sun block and Hat
  • Beanie and scarf
  • Your swimming costume
  • Camera
  • Towel
  • Take sea sick tablets
  • Do not over indulge in alcohol the night before as you will be horribly sea sick.