Blue & Mako Shark Trips Simon's Town


06h30 Sharp on the Simon’s Town Pier.

From hotel/guest house’s in and around Cape Town.

5-7 Hours at sea.

Small groups – maximum 12.

Free dive with our divemaster on scuba or cage dive– No experience necessary.

Snacks, muffins and fruit, enthusiastic and experienced crew, all dive gear and tea/coffee. 

The Blue and Mako Shark trip is an adventurous trip that takes you  5-25 miles off Cape Point in search of pelagic sharks. We now offer the option of open ocean scuba diving with the Blue and Mako sharks. Please bring your dive card with you. 

Blue & Mako Shark Trips Simon’s Town

This is a beautiful trip as you get to see Cape Point from the ocean and it offers stunning sunrise photo opportunities.

With an array of colours from azure coloured waters to the spectacular silver Makos and cobalt coloured Blue sharks, one’s imagination is transported to a world beyond the sea.

Blue sharks are streamlined and can reach lengths of up to 3.5 metres. They have well-developed eyes enabling them to see visibly both in deep waters or surface situations. One of their most prominent features are their long pectoral fins.

Shortfin Mako sharks, are silver and bluish in colour and are more stoutly built than the blues reaching lengths of over 4 meters. Mako’s are the fastest swimming shark species.

Join us on this breathtaking trip to experience the Blue and the Mako sharks of the deep.


  • 06.30 Arrive at Simon’s Town Pier for a welcome and safety briefing.
  • 07.00 Depart for Cape Point.
  • 08.00-08.30 Arrival at the dive site.
  • Bait and wait for sharks.
  • Either cage dive, or free dive with scuba (licence required) with our divemaster.
  • Our time at sea is based on shark activity and sea/weather conditions.
  • Departure and arrival at Simonstown from 13.00 onwards
  • Wetsuits and snorkel/scuba gear
  • Snacks 
  • Cooldrinks
  • Towel
  • Rain/wind jacket
  • Sunblock and Hat
  • Beanie 
  • Your swimming costume
  • Camera
  • Dive card if doing open water dive
  • Take sea sick tablets
  • Do not overindulge in alcohol the night before as you will be horribly seasick.

Please Note: We have a very high success rate, but we are working with wild animals. Please be aware of this, so you do not arrive with unrealistic expectations. Shark sightings and activity are never guaranteed and even during peak season there may be days when the sightings are lower than expected.  No refunds will be made for non-sightings.

The price of the Blue and Mako Shark Trip starts from R3600 per person, excluding hotel pick-up. This is an optional extra of R750 per person.