A very common question we receive from our guests is what must I bring on my great white shark trip?

These are the “must” bring.

  • Rain/wind jacket.This is a non negotiable.You do not want to spend your shark trip huddled in the cabin, while everyone is watching a great white shark breaching or seeing a natural predation event.
  • Sun block. The African Sun is very harsh, even in winter time, and being on the ocean means you are exposed to the rays that are reflected from the ocean. Bring at least a factor 30 with you.
  • A Sun hat will protect your face and help shield the suns rays from your eye’s. A wide brim hat is perfect choice!
  • Sunglasses, preferably polarized. They do not have to be expensive to do the trick. You can pick up some decent polarized sunnies from the pharmacy for under R250.
  • Your swimming costume and towel. Even if you don’t plan on diving, pack it in. We have had so many guests, especially the ladies, that once they are on the boat, they then change their minds and  want to dive. Be prepared for an adventure. We will even give you your own diving certificate to show your friends at home who thought you would never take the plunge!
  • If you are prone to getting sea sick, take some sea sick tablets the night before, and what ever you do, don’t drink lots of alcohol the night before.