Howdy Fellow Sharkies……

So you all probably wondering I have headed this Blog MADIBA….Well here it goes.

MADIBA is the nickname not only to our ex president Nelson Mandela who birthday we celebrated on the 18th July 2012 but also to a shark that was tagged  as part of the OCEARCH tagging project. This shark was tagged on the 8th March 2012 up the coast in Mossel Bay.

This shark payed us a visit 2 weeks ago, meaning this animal has swum more than 300km down the coast to Seal Island. Over 35 sharks were tagged. This is the first shark for us to see that has been tagged  in the project . I find the information coming out of this project extremely interesting and if you would like to follow the tracks of the sharks please visit the following site: One of the sharks has swum all the way up into Northern Mozambique and across to Madagascar. Amazing!

Well, back to the sharks at Seal Island, the sharks have been cooking to say the least. Breaching has been happening on almost every trip, along with really good Predations. A shark that I love and talk about often is CUZ. He has been sticking around Seal Island and feeding on a few seals as well as breaching on our decoy. Who knows how long he will stay with us for.

There have been a few really large sharks around the island, some close on 15ft (5m) and surprisingly they have stuck around the boat for a good few minutes. Usually the bigger animals do not stay around the boat, but rather have a look-see and then move off.

We have had a huge amount of rain in the past week, and now the weather has opened up and given us some beautiful sea days, sun shinning almost like a summers day. The water visibility has been in the 5m range, with some exceptional days with it going up to 10-12m but this means the water has been a chilly 12c.

Hope you all well and have planned your trips and travel days to join us on one of our Airjaws Shark Trips out to Seal Island to see the Great White Shark.


Till next time,

Happy Tracking.