Hello Shark Lovers!!

Two Trips done and dusted over the last 2 days and both days resulted in absolute cracker trips the one produced the closest “Natural Breach” ever to our boat Blue Pointer II and the next produced a school of 700+ Common Dolphins. Here is the run down on the the last 2 trips at Seal Island in False Bay.

Sunday the 18th we were met with rainy conditions at Seal Island, something that is never nice to start your trip off with, none the less we made the best of it and the weather gods opened up the sky for us and ended the trip with lovely sunny conditions.

We got to Seal Island and set our decoy for a tow to see if we could get a breach but being fairly early in our season we did not get one today but little did we know what lay ahead!!

We had a look at the seals and penguins on Seal Island and decided to Anchor up in Sector 1 the shallower side of the island, the side where we have been sitting for the last couple of trips and have had “Great” sightings. Well the shark were thinking otherwise for the first 2 hours.  We had a shark come up and visit within 5minutes we thought this was it and going to be a cracker…Boom he was gone just as fast as he showed up. This just proves that Great White Sharks dont swim in a swiming pool and the ocean is theres to roam.

We were very quite with the odd shark coming up but not sticking around, we decided to move. We made the move and still it was very quite……by 10am we didnt know where to anchor, we decided that the swell had dropped and wind too we would go back to where we came from….What a winner decision.

From here onwards, the sharks just did not stop coming we ended the day up with about 10 animals between the 2 anchor spots.

As we were about to pack up and had the last diver in the Cage a “Missile” shot out of the water…..A 3.5m Great White Shark breached naturally about 4m from our boat coming out like Superman, white belly showing, teeth smilling and he came down and did a huge belly flop about half a meter off the stern of our Boat. WOW WOW WOW was all you could hear on the boat. The guests and myself could not just believe what had just happened. Truly a memorable breach….and ofcourse nobody got a picture…these breaches you will almost never capture as you have no warning when this sort of activity will happen.


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