Sharks In Deep Trouble

Sharks are in deep trouble

With tens of millions of sharks killed each year to meet the increased demand for shark fin soup, many species of sharks have been driven to the brink of extinction. The video below, “Sharks In Deep Trouble”, contains rarely-seen footage that shocked thousands of South African viewers when broadcast on local television, bringing many to tears.

Lesley Rochat from AfriOceans spent two years researching both legal shark longlining and illegal shark finning off the coast of South Africa, and boarded a shark longline vessel for two days to capture the insightful, yet incredibly disturbing footage of mass shark slaughter. Although South Africa is a small contributor to the world slaughter of over 100 million sharks each year, “Sharks In Deep Trouble” addresses the global predicament of sharks.

WARNING: Not suitable for sensitive viewers!

For further information on AfriOceans and “Sharks In Deep Trouble”, check out their website.

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