Shark Diving is the coolest thing I have done in South Africa

Its always nice to be complimented on a job well done and I want to give my crew two thumbs up.

Hey Tamsyn,

OK, this has been the greatest and coolest thing I have done in South Africa.  And somewhere up there with the coolest things in my life.  Capt Rob and the crew, Brandon, Ally, Willie, Gary (the guy in the afternoon, hope I got his name right) and you are second to none.  I am experienced around boats, fishing, diving, and surfing so I had no issues with anything. But watching the crew’s patience and help with the people who had no experience with wetsuits or masks or  weight belts was truly neat in making it so everyone, experienced or not, had a great time.  At least I hope they thought it was as great as I did.

I am a devoted Shark Week watcher on discovery, so I feel I have a good idea of the happenings around Seal Island and the shark’s behavior. It was one of the reasons I think I was part of the reason I was able to nail photographing a sequence of a shark breaching on a decoy. The crew was part and again most helpful with making the arrangements for this to happen in terms of where to sit and having the ropes out of the way from the cage. It was unreal seeing it in person.  Being there to actually experience it and have the crew’s explanations tie it all together was excellent. And again, their patience in explaining the details of the environment and sharks with the other guests on the boat was priceless.

I will definitely be back!

RJ Petrie