Shark cage diving with scuba is best!

Don’t deny it! When you are swimming in the water and a piece of seaweed brushes against your leg you freak out!  This is just a funny caption I found about how a shark might feel!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what they were thinking?

I think we sometimes feel uneasy in the ocean because it is so vast and unknown. It is not our natural place and we don’t belong as a shark belongs. Viewing great white sharks under the surface of the ocean is so peaceful; their grace and beauty underwater is unexpected and awe-inspiring which makes it a very profound experience. You can sense that the ocean is their world, a world that we will never completely understand. You look into their black, unblinking eyes and wonder what they are thinking and how their pre-historic minds perceive their surroundings.  Seeing these sharks in their natural environment is something I promise you will never forget.

At African Shark Eco Charters we are the only company to offer a chance to scuba dive underwater so you can have an uninterrupted viewing of these animals. Come viewe great white sharks as they should be seen…on their terms, in their world. It’s a priceless experience.

See you soon.

Allie Skidmore