shark cage diving

Shark Cage Diving with a curious shark

shark cage divingShark Cage Diving with a curious shark.

We watched this beautiful great white shark carefully investigate this seal carcass, and then only after thoroughly checking it out, it decided that it was okay to chomp.

The guests aboard our boat, the Blue Pointer 2, have the opportunity to to come shark cage diving with scuba gear, which is a rarity in this industry. Most companies allow you to hold your breath only, or just use a snorkel. Scuba diving with us needs no experience. The tanks stay on board the boat and just the dive hoses and mouth piece goes into the cage. This allows you to stay underwater and not miss that shark swimming by because you have had to come to the surface for air.

Join us to see the great white sharks for yourself. Come cage diving with us. It will change your life, and change your perception for the positive…forever.

Description of “AIRJAWS” Trip

Our AIRJAWS trip is a combination trip of watching the sharks breaching as well as experiencing shark cage diving.
Our trips run from Simons Town, which is only 40 minutes from Cape Town. All our crew is highly qualified personnel who have spent years working on boats and with sharks

06h45: Meet at Simonstown Pier. Our boat is the Blue Pointer 2. You will be welcomed aboard and a full safety briefing is given as well as the expected weather forecast for the day. An overview is given about what the trip entails and what is to be expected.

07h00: In pre-dawn darkness we depart for Seal Island. (About 20 minutes away).
07h35 to 12h30: Arrive at Seal Island. Seeing dawn breaking over the Island and False Bay is truly breath-taking. The first 2 hrs is the ideal time to witness the great white’s natural predation interaction with the seals, which can often lead to the great white shark exploding out of the water with such intense shear force in pursuit of its prey. It is something that you will remember for the rest of your life! All guests are brief on what to be on the lookout for as well as information regarding seal movement and the sharks hunting behaviour.

When the natural predation activity has quieted down we try for a short decoy tow using a fake cut out carpet seal where we attempt to get the great whites to breach. Towing of the decoy allows for the best photographic opportunity. Being eco-sensitive we only do this for a limited period.
We do an inspection lap of the island giving information on the animal and bird life that is found on Seal Island as well as a history of the island and structures that are to be found on it. Choosing the best spot to anchor up with regard to wind and swell direction.

The cage is lowered into the water to free up the working area on the deck.  A bait line is put in the water as well as the carpet seal decoy. Every precaution is taken not to injure the shark. We do not feed sharks, nor touch sharks. We are NOT an adrenalin outfit.

Then it’s time to get up close and personal with the sharks. Click here For more info on shark cage diving.  The average dive time per guest is a least 30 minutes. One of the several on board guides will interact with the clients during the course of the trip to supply information and answer any questions the guest may have.
You will still have excellent views of the Great White Shark should you chose not to dive.
In case you’re wondering about your stomach growling, we have a cooler box, with sandwich rolls (cold meats as well as a vegetarian option) as well as, something healthy; fruit juice, bottled water, fruit and something not so healthy; coke, crisps, sweets and chocolate.

12h00: We start to head home to Simonstown. This may be earlier depending on shark and weather conditions.
12h45 onwards: Payment is made after the shark trip at our bookings office. A complimentary coffee voucher is offered as well as a discount at Harbour view restaurant should you wish to have some lunch