From sky diving to shark cage diving are some top bucket list adventures

Bucket List Adventures

From Skydiving to Shark Cage Diving: Top BucketList Adventures Hey there adventure seekers, thrill chasers, and outdoor enthusiasts! Yup, I am speaking to you! Can’t decide where the next holiday destination should be? Well, if you’re the kind of person

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A Bronze Whaler shark gracefully gliding past on a shark cage diving adventure

Cape Point Private Tour

A Cape Point Private Tour, from Cage Diving to Predator and Paradise Have you ever dreamt of coming face-to-face with a shark? Picture this: you’re encased in a sturdy cage, heart pounding with a thrilling mix of fear and exhilaration,

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The Zebra Bullhead Shark, with its captivating black and white stripes allows for excellent camouflage, allowing the shark to blend into rocky reefs where it hunts for crabs, lobsters, and molluscs.

The Zebra Bullhead Shark

Zebra Bullhead Shark: More Than Just Stripes Forget the Great White, there’s a new sheriff in town (well, on the ocean floor)! Buckle up, dive enthusiasts and animal admirers, because we’re plunging into the world of the Zebra Bullhead Shark.

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Cape Point as seen from the ocean

Cape Point Tour

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our exclusive Cape Point Tour, a comprehensive exploration of the captivating landscapes and unique attractions that the Cape Peninsula has to offer. Your journey begins with a private pickup from your Cape Town accommodations,

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This ferocious shark cuts out cookie shape bits from its prey

The Cookie-Cutter Shark

Don’t Get Cut! The Truth About the Cookie-Cutter Shark Imagine a world of perpetual twilight, where monstrous shapes lurk unseen in the inky depths. In this realm of pressure and darkness lives a predator unlike any other. It’s small, barely

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