“Shark Cage Diving Special” for the Argus Cycle Tour

Great White Shark approaching the guests in the cage

Great White Shark approaching the guests in the cage

If you or your family are planning on coming down to Cape Town to do the Argus Cycle Tour, why not do a shark cage diving trip?

We run our trips from Simonstown, only 40 minutes from Cape Town, so there is no need to travel 2.5 hrs to see Great White Sharks.

Shark Cage diving is fun, it’s safe and you are getting up close and personal with the oceans super predator, the magnificent Great White Shark.

We operate small groups only, (maximum 12). No dive experience necessary!

Although March is still early in the shark season, your chances of seeing sharks are over 70%, and you may even see the Great White Shark breach, although this occurs generally from May onwards.

Trips depart Simonstown Pier 07h00 sharp returning at 12.45

What to bring

  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Camera

It is advisable to take sea sickness tablets. We recommend Dramamine. Do not over indulge on alcohol the night before the trip, as this will result in you being very sea sick.

The Great White Shark is a very curious animal and will often circle and come up to the cage, as if to get a “personal” look at the diver. This will certainly get your heart rate going and most definitely an adrenalin rush.

The cage floats just under the surface of the water, and it is situated along side the boat. Once the diver is ready to take the plunge, we will assist the diver into the opening at the top of the cage, and into the water. Scuba diving is much better, as you can stay for longer at the bottom of the shark cage, however if you don’t wish to, then snorkeling is the next best option. As we run small groups, you get to spend a decent amount of time in the cage. We provide all the gear that you need but if you have your own bring it along.

Shark cage diving is truly a wonderful way to get up close and personal with one of the most magnificent ocean creatures, the Great White Shark. Book now to reserve your place

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