Morning Shark Cage Diving Trip

The time of year will determine the species of shark you will experience on your dive with us.

We are currently diving with the Broadnose Seven Gilled cow sharks and the Blue and Mako sharks.

The adventure begins in Simon’s Town,  just 1 hour from Cape Town. A 25 minute boat ride will take you to Seal Island  False Bay for your ultimate shark cage diving experience.  Though the area is associated primarily with Great whites (in season), we are privileged to have the very inter-active, Sevengill Broadnose cow sharks and Blue and Mako sharks.

The cage floats just under the surface of the water, and it is situated alongside the boat. We are the only one to offer scuba diving on all our trips. The crew is highly trained and safety is of utmost importance for your shark cage diving trip.

You will be astonished to see how the sharks can just appear and disappear in the underwater gloom. It’s amazing how such a large animal can be so stealthy! And the best part is, we use compressed air, so you won’t have to come up for air, right when a shark makes a turn directly in front of the cage!


07h00 Sharp on the Simon’s Town Pier.

From designated pick-up points in and around Cape Town – special transfers can also be arranged.

4.5 Hours in total.

Small groups – maximum 10 plus crew

5  divers – No experience necessary – 20 minutes’ cage time

Snacks, muffins and sandwiches, enthusiastic and experienced crew, all dive gear and tea / coffee from Saveur Restaurant & 25% off lunch

Cape Town Shark Cage Diving Trips

In False Bay, Cape Town we offer two main shark cage diving trips. Morning shark diving and the Afternoon shark diving trip with AIRJAWS trips (in season). Both offer shark cage diving with compressed air.

  • Pick up in Cape Town (Optional)
  • Meet at the Simons Town Pier 06.45 for a safety briefing and overview of the day.
  • Departure 07.00 AM to Seal Island False Bay. This is a 25 min boat ride.
  • Do not be late. The boat will not wait for you.
  • The boat will do a tour around Seal Island, doing an inspection lap with the aim of choosing the best spot to anchor up with regard to wind and swell direction and start diving.
  • The cage is lowered into the water and secured alongside the boat.  A bait line is put in the water as well as the carpet seal decoy. These are used as attractants for the sharks. They are surface feeders and are very curious animals. Please note that the aim is not to feed sharks. We are NOT an adrenaline outfit and we do not touch sharks.
  • Start diving. All dive gear is provided. We use scuba gear and snorkel.
  • If you do not wish to dive, you will still have excellent views of the sharks as we have a lovely viewing deck on the boat.
  • We have a cooler box with snacks and drinks on board which you are welcome to help yourself too.
  • 11.30  Return to Simon’s Town. Coffee Vouchers and a 25% off lunch voucher will be offered.

JANUARY TO APRIL: Shark cage viewing and dive.

MAY TO AUGUST: Combination breaching, predation viewing and cage dive.

SEPTEMBER  TO JANUARY: Shark cage viewing and dive.

  • Rain/wind jacket
  • Sun block and Hat
  • Beanie and scarf
  • Your swimming costume
  • Camera (we sell disposable underwater camera’s)
  • Take sea sick tablets
  • Do not over indulge in alcohol the night before as you will be horribly sea sick.

Please Note: We have a very high success rate, but we are working with wild animals. Please be aware of this, so you do not arrive with unrealistic expectations. Shark sightings and activity are never guaranteed and even during peak season there may be days when the sightings are lower than expected.  No refunds will be made for non-sightings.

Shark Cage Diving is one of the main reasons that people come to Cape Town. And cage diving is what we offer! Book with us in Simonstown.

Free Diving with Blue & Mako Sharks R3000