Shark Cage Diving & Breaching 2012 Highlights

Shark Cage Diving & Breaching 2012 Season Highlights

Howzit Sharkies.

I trust you have all had a great time this past season enjoying our blogs, and im sure some of you had great times with us on our shark cage diving and breaching trips. It has been a mixed up season with some lengthy gaps of no sharks.

Here is run down on how I saw the season for 2012:

Our shark cage diving trips commenced this year in February,  and since I have been with African Shark Eco Charters, we have never missed a day in Feb for the past 3 seasons with regards to sightings. We had a great month with great white shark numbers varying from 1 all the way up to 8 or 9 on some trips. The scavenging normally happens at this time of the year as the seal pups are starting to venture away from Seal Island, and sometimes venture too far and can’t make it back and get washed or swept out to sea. Because of this the Great White Sharks have a quick easy meal. They are generally pretty quick at finishing their meal because, as always, a kill will almost always attract other sharks to the area. We had no breaches in February but the shark cage diving was fantastic.

March was awesome, we had our first breach of the season of 2012 early March, and the sharks absolutely pumped with us getting amazing numbers up to the boat during our shark cage diving trips. We averaged I’d say about 5 sharks a day up to our boat, the Blue Pointer II. It was a great month, and we spent most of our time down the Northen side of Seal Island as the scavenging was still taking place down this side of the island.


Natural Predation

Natural Predation

April was just as special up until the 21st. It was as if something was triggered, we not sure what, but the sharks all disappeared. They disappeared for the whole month of May too. We only did 6 shark cage diving trips in the month of May as there were just no sharks around the Island.

April we also had the unfortunate fatal shark attack on a bodyboarder. Being in the ocean presents us humans with the risk of being attacked. It’s the chance I take to enjoy those beautiful tubes the waves produce.

June started out a bit slow but from the 9th, we were on fire. The sharks started to breach, the hunting kicked off and all hell started to break loose around Seal Island; the true Seal Island was coming alive with action. We had sharks on every trip, and by this time we had moved up the southern side of the island along with all the sharks. The sharks tend to like this side in winter and its where all the main seal action takes place, hence a good spot for them to hunt. We had some spectacular breaches over this period, as well as incredible shark cage diving opportunities.

July was epic, actually from here onwards everyday was epic. We just about had breaches every day or saw some form of hunting go down on a daily basis. There were days where we only had 1 or 2 predations and no breaches, but others we had breaches and no predations…so who knows what makes these sharks tick.

In August we started off the month with a film crew from the BBC. They were filming for a documentary called Earth Flight in 3D. We had a great time with them, some days we got 7 breaches in 1 morning. The hunting was going nuts; we had 53 predations in one morning during the shoot. Absolutely amazing to see!


Breaching Great White Shark

The rest of August we had a breach everyday as we had managed to get a spunky new decoy from the BBC crew, they were kind enough to leave us a nice new decoy. “Unlucky” worked like a charm for us the whole month until one day a huge Great White Shark took too much of a liking to our decoy and he said its mine….he breached and swallowed the decoy…whole!! That was the last we saw of the ultimate decoy. LOL

September was good too. During this month the breaching and hunting generally starts to slow down a bit and it did. Our trips mainly focus on the shark cage diving during this time. The sharks start thinking about diet changes and moving within the Bay towards the beaches according to the changing of their diets. These are signs that its coming to the end of the season. We had sharks on every trip in September although some days it was very slow with long waits and short visits to the boat.

My time with African Shark Eco Charters has come to end with the end of this season. It’s been a great journey and I have made and met great friends on the boat throughout the season. I’d like to thank all of you great guests for the fun times I have had on the boat.

Maybe next time we will meet as guests on the boat.

All the best for the year ahead, have a great Christmas and new years.


Brandon Kilbride

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