Sevengill Cow Shark Diving

sevengill cow shark diving

Cape Point Nature Reserve

Here at African Shark Eco-Charters we love to introduce the amazing marine life of False Bay to our clients. We very often see Whales, Dolphins and other sharks on our trips to Seal Island to view the Great White Sharks that hunt there. And there is a lesser know shark diving trip that we offer to the Kelp Forests of Cape Point, to dive with the ancient and fascinating Sevengill Cow Sharks.

Sevengill Cow Shark Diving in the kelp forests of Cape Point

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Tips for safe Sevengill Cow shark diving

These sharks do not like to be touched in any way whatsoever, whether it’s intentional or accidental. The best way to safely dive with these sharks is to always be aware of your position in the water and where you are kicking. Being in complete control of your buoyancy will help you achieve this. Make sure that you keep eye contact with any sharks that are approaching you. Make sure that you do not corner the shark or make it feel boxed in where it may react by biting because it feels threatened.

How much will Sevengill cow shark diving cost?

We take a maximum of 6 people (unless in a group) to reduce the impact on the sharks and enhance your personal  experience.

Sevengill Cow Shark Diving

Sevengill Cow Shark Diving- photo from

Sevengill Cow Shark Diving is unique to the area. Set in the Marine Protected area around Cape Point, in the Kelp Forests that  so many creatures call home. This is the only place in the world where you can consistently go shark diving with these rarely seen sharks.

While Sevengill Cow Sharks may look prehistoric, and appear to be slow moving they are formidable predators of seals, other sharks and fish. They are known as “wolves of the sea” as they display a cooperation when hunting that is not seen among other shark species. 

The Sevengill Cow Sharks are concentrated in very small areas of the Cape Peninsula and if you don’t know where to look you will miss them, which is where our team of local dive experts come in they are happy to take you out for the shark diving experience of your life.

Cow Sharks make excellent photographic studies as they are comfortable around divers in their domain. You will find yourself surrounded by these beautiful placid sharks and best of all it is a simple dive at only 12 meters deep in the protective kelp forest.
Dive package includes:
sevengill cow shark

  • Two guided scuba dives
  • Snacks and cool drinks on boat
  • Dive briefing and full shark presentation
  • Dive gear can be hired at an extra cost

Dive Depth:  6 – 12 meters (20 – 40 feet)

Water temperature:  10 – 20 º C

Water visibility:  3 – 20 meters

Dive time:  between 30 – 60 minutes

Minimum experience required: Open Water 1 Certification. Make sure to bring proof of certification with you.

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