Seal Island, False Bay, The coolest place to see Great White Sharks

Great White Shark up close to our boat, Blue Pointer II. © RJ Petrie

Just Livin’ the Dream in False Bay!

Hello avid great white shark lovers! We had an amazing time Saturday on the Blue Pointer 2 in False Bay. It was a cold start at the pier in the early morning, but as soon as we made it to Seal Island it was obvious that the sharks had shown up with an appetite. We witnessed multiple predations, including a few full breaches.  Flying sharks! Seal Island is the only place on Earth where great white sharks attack in this manner in such dense numbers and so often. White sharks rely almost completely on sight to hunt; they attack seals from below with such force and speed that the impact propels them out of the water and into the air. White sharks have a very high kill success rate, estimated to be around 50%. If the shark’s hit is directly on the seal the predation event is over pretty quickly, however, if not a dramatic chase can ensue. We witnessed both such events on Saturday.

After we anchored up we had five sharks up to the boat. Although chilly, we got everyone who wanted to go shark cage diving for an up-close look at the predators. The visibility wasn’t great, but a few of the sharks wanted to play with us and made some very close passes by the cage and surface viewing from the boat was spectacular all morning.  All in all Saturday was one of the best days we have had at sea this season! Some bad weather kept us indoors and off the water today but we can’t wait to see what’s happening at the island tomorrow.

Great White Shark up close to our boat, Blue Pointer II. © RJ Petrie

Until next time!

Allie Skidmore

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