Flat Seas, Seals and Orcas!!

Good Day Fellow Shark Lovers….

Trust you all having a great week, we at African Shark Eco-Charters sure are after an unbelievable trip yesterday. Here is the low down on what happened on yesterdays Airjaws Shark Trip.

Flat seas, lots of Seals and Orcas were the animals that we saw today, unfortunately we did not see any Great White Sharks today. Being nature, one can never guarantee anything, well we pretty much can always guarantee some seals, but not sharks and the highlight of the day……..ORCAS!!

Yes, today we saw 4 Orcas (killer whales) chasing a big school of dolphins probably 500 strong. The dolphins were doing big circles with the Orcas just cruising behind them waiting for the right moment to try make a catch.

Above: An Orca moves behind the Common Dolphins notice the commotion in the water.

So we stayed with the Orcas for a good hour just slowly cruising aside the school of dolphins, not getting to close as to interfere with the hunt.

We saw the dolphins pick up pace very quickly and BOOM BOOM BOOM and Orca comes right out of the water in an attempt to catch a dolphin, much like a Great White Shark does to try catch a Cape Fur Seal. Two dolphins go flying in the air, and splash its all over, we were still not sure if one was caught or not.

Above: Common Dolphins pick up speed in order to try escape the hunting Orcas.

Soon after the Orca tried to catch a dolphins they just turned around and started to swim towards Cape Point. The dolphins on the other hand took the opportunity and bolted in the other direction to escape.

We stayed with them a bit longer, but by now they were moving at a fair pace around 8-10knots, the water was amazingly flat and we did however have one last buzzing from the Orca; he literally came right underneath our boat. What an experience!

Above: Orca makes a close pass underneath our boat.

So folks all in all we had a great trip,

Lets hope our next trip brings our Great White Sharkies back to Seal Island.

Have a great week.