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Fun and Educational

Reviewed by Denise N
10 Jul 2018
Fun and Educational

The crew are so dedicated and knowledgeable. It was a learning experience as well as an adventure. I felt lucky to have had the opportunity to see even just one great white shark.The crew really does try their best to attract sharks but the sharks have been in low numbers the last couple of seasons so people need to have realistic expectations. They really do try to give everyone the best experience possible given the circumstances on each particular day. Rob, the owner (and he personally skippered all 3 trips I went on), was kind enough to offer us a discount as we only saw one shark on 2 days. He was by no means obligated to do that and I would have had no issue paying full price. It’s a gamble when you’re dealing with nature but I wouldn’t hesitate to take that gamble again. Even just a glimpse of a great white is incredible. I can still vividly picture the eyes of the great white staring at me in the cage.

Nadine at the office front desk was awesome as well.