Juvenile Great White Shark has fins brutally hacked off

Incredibly sad pictures taken by Adam Baugh of a juvenile female Great White Shark who had her fins brutally hacked off by some locals in Mozambique on Monday, the 28th of January. It is always disturbing to see and hear of such cruel and horrifying acts, and just goes to prove that education is now more vital than ever.

Please share this message and help in the battle to save our Great White Sharks!!

Juvenile Great White Shark caught by locals in Mozambique

Juvenile Great White Shark caught by locals in Mozambique

Adam Baugh watches helplessly  from the sideline

Adam Baugh watches helplessly from the sideline

Incredibly brutal!

Incredibly brutal!

Educate yourself about these magnificent animals by joining us on one of our “Airjaws” shark breaching and cage diving trips. This is certainly something that you do not want to miss!

Here is some further information on our Great White Shark breaching trips.

We would consider our high season to be from May to end of August and the best months for the predation and breaching activity is during June, July and August. September is in between high and intermediate season. February and March is too early for breaching. Here our trips focus on the shark cage diving and surface viewing.

Transfers: Optional: Return transfers from designated pickup points in Cape Town

Duration: Approx 5.5 hours. The trip departs from Simon’s town at 7am sharp and returns at 12h30.

Here are some very important questions to ask when choosing a great white shark operator. Sadly many people don’t ask and then regret it later.

How many passengers on your boat? 12. We focus on smaller groups to ensure that everyone has a personal experience with the great white sharks.

How many divers in the shark cage? 2 maximum. Many operators take 5-8 guests at a time.

Do you offer scuba? Yes. All diving equipment is supplied. No diving experience is necessary however you are welcome to snorkel as well. Most operators only allow you to hold your breath, seriously!

Does using scuba affect the sharks coming to the boat? No.  If it did we would not do it! Working in False Bay since 1996, we have found that the bubbles or scuba noise have no effect on the great white sharks. Most operators don’t like to work with scuba as re-filling tanks is a bother and they don’t want to do it.

Do you use shark liver to attract sharks? No

What to bring on your shark breaching AIRJAWS trip

  • Rain/wind jacket
  • Sun block and Hat
  • Camera (we sell disposable underwater camera’s)
  • Take sea sick tablets

Please Note: We have a very high success rate, however with all wild animals, shark sightings, activity, predation events and shark breaching can vary from day to day. Even during peak season there may be days when we do not see any great white shark breaching or predatory events.

Please be aware of this, so you do not arrive with unrealistic expectations. Rather come hoping to see these natural events, than expecting. No refunds will be made for non-sightings. We will however offer you a voucher for another trip.

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