Hello fellow great white shark lovers!

It’s really kicking off with activity here in False Bay, and not just with sharks! This past week we have seen the first whales of the season, with our guests getting the special chance to view humpback whales on two separate occasions. This is the time of year we will start seeing not only Humpback whales but Southern Right whales as well. These whales come up from the southern oceans to calve and escape the frigid Antarctic winter. It’s always such an added bonus to a shark diving trip to run into one of these peaceful giants on the way home from Seal Island!
Our very enthusiastic guests and crew had an exciting trip this morning. To start the trip, our decoy seal nicknamed ‘floppy’ met a fitting end in the mouth of a great white shark. An approximately 3.5 meter shark breached this morning on our decoy and decided that it didn’t like the fact that ‘floppy’ was not a juicy, blubbery seal and took it under the surface and commenced in ripping it apart! The crew spent the next few minutes trying to gather the foam stuffing on the surface of the ocean that was once the body of our fearless decoy. Well done ‘floppy’, well done. It was a thrilling start to an awesome day. Not only was the weather beautiful but the water visibility was great and we had four different sharks to our boat on anchor.

Come join us here at African Shark Eco-Charters and see what the magic of False Bay has to offer.

humpback-whalesPicture of Humpback Whales ( NOT TAKEN BY ASEC)Courtesy of http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/idiots-once-again-justify-their-name/humpback-whales/

Allie Skidmore