False Bay: Full of life and ready to entertain you!

The past few days at Seal Island in False Bay have been unbelievable! After the strong storm over the weekend, dawn broke Monday morning on the water to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains and a very welcomed warm, sunny day. We started the morning with an amazing breach on our decoy by one of our favourite and most well-known great white sharks, ‘Cuz’. The breach was a full, out of the water hit on our fake seal, leaving all guests and crew on board the Blue Pointer 2 jumping and screaming with joy. The spectacular breach was followed by a close viewing of a Southern Right Whale. Southern Right Whales are endangered species, which makes every sighting special. The whales start coming into False Bay around this time of year and are very easy to approach by boat due to their docile nature. This particular individual was passing closely to Seal Island so we were able to get a nice look at it!

After the whale sighting we anchored up and started to dive everyone who wanted to brave the cold water for an up close look at these amazing predators. We had so many individual great white sharks at the boat, it was hard to keep track. By the time we had to leave the island we had had at least 10-12 different sharks up to our boat and at one point we had 3 individual sharks at the same time! One of the best days of diving of the season!

Our morning trip was followed by an exciting and warm afternoon trip. We had 4 sharks up to our boat and another breach on our decoy! What a day!

Today’s trip proved that our luck was still with us. Another day of multiple of sharks up to the boat as well as two breaches on our decoy, one full out of the water breach and a lunge.  False Bay is one of the only places on the planet where you can witness great white sharks breach out of the water in such amazing numbers. On the Blue Pointer 2 we witness both natural predations and hits on our decoy which provide guests with ample opportunity to see the famous flying great white sharks. Come see for yourself!


Allie Skidmore