Hello Shark Lovers.

Well today’s post I have decided to tell you a little bit about our Decoy “Unlucky”! Now I have you thinking why we called it “Unlucky” here is the story behind our best friend.

We mentioned in a recent post that we had just completed a BBC documentary called Earth Flight 3D, now that production crew had 3 fantastic decoys made, very professionally made. The decoy has eyes, a tongue, and flippers. It is made of soft foam, very important so it does not damage the sharks teeth when he bites it. Boy did they work like a absolute dream.

During the 8 days that we worked with the BBC, we had about 16 breaches, sometimes up to 7 in one day. The decoy was working like a dream. Rob and the crew were quite keen to see if we could keep one and tried our best to make sure we could keep one….our luck was on our side. The crew used 2 of 3 decoys and left one with us.

This decoy has given our guests a breach on every single trip since the 10th August 2012, except for one morning, but we got one in the afternoon. “Unlucky” is very unlucky as the sharks have just taken a totally liking to it. We not sure what it is but whenever “Unlucky” has hit the water we have had a Great White Shark either breach on him or come up and have a good look and see what it is.

The shark diving  and “AIRJAWS” Shark Trips have been very good the last 4 trips, we have seen a small decline in the morning activity, but this could be caused by the large swells we have had over the past few weeks, Cape Town has been battered with big waves and heavy rain so this could be the reason they are not hunting to much. This has not stopped them giving our guests a good show by breaching on our decoy “Unlucky”.

We have being seeing an average of 5-8 sharks per trip with the size varying from 2.5m up to a large 5m animal. The size difference is big not only in length but a difference of about 600kgs in weight.

On a different note, we had a Great White shark wash up dead on Dyer Island, another hot spot for great white viewing in South Africa in July. The positive thing that came out of this was that I – I often get asked how many Cape Fur Seals can a Great White Shark eat? Well an autopsy was done on this animal and 6 Cape Fur Seals were found in the belly of this Great White Shark. So im sure they can fit a fair amount in there. The dissection is very interesting and can be view at this web link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYB91crnl0s&feature=youtu.beve 

Well im looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow for some more Great White Shark Action and im really hoping the sharks will be feeding.

Join us on an AIRJAWS trip soon, the season is almost over and then we have to wait a long time till we can see these magnificent animals again.


Till next time,



Brandon Kilbride