August 9th

With the arrival of Propguard back at the island, and two fantastic breaches on our decoy, the smiles have been returned to African Shark Eco Charters faces. Although activity is still not quite at the level we would expect at this time of the year, it’s definitely an improvement. Most of this week’s cage diving has been a bit of in-and-out of the cage, but nearly everyone who wanted to see from the cage managed to (with a bit of perseverance!). It is also really nice that most people on the boat have been in good spirits about it, and understood that it is nature we are dealing with. Apart from the few attraction techniques we use to try and get the great white sharks to the boat, there is very little we can do to make them come on demand! At the end of the day it is totally up to these animals whether they decided to come and interact with us, or not. What we seen to be gathering from the activity of late is that the numbers of sharks that should be at Seal Island are just not here anymore.  There have also been some strange reports of sightings around False Bay and Cape Point, of the great white sharks in places we wouldn’t expect at this time of the year. But whether it was environmental factors, getting distracted by a whale carcass, or a game of sardine poker, we will never know, but all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that their tummies start to rubble soon and they remember about Seal Island! But for now we shall just be happy with the few individuals that have not got confused about the peak shark season, and it means we have some new faces to get to know!

Saying that though, the arrival of Propguard was incredibly exciting for us all on the boat. It was so nice to see a ‘friendly’ face after all of ‘the usuals’ disappearing! She seems a little quieter than normal, the few times we’ve had her by the boat she has done a few drive by’s and then headed off. But these short sightings were enough to make several peoples bucket lists complete. Seeing her first hand is a shock for a lot of people, you can hear screeching from the cage and shouts from the top deck of ‘my goodness, shes huuuuuge’!!! And I agree, I swear her girth gets bigger by the day!!

During the quiet times a lot of the banging to attract the sharks has turned into football sing alongs – to coincide with the start of the football season back home – with Gary and me changing the words to a few well known English chants. Our favourite at the moment (Which actually seems to bring a shark in almost everytime….co-incidence? I don’t think so…. J ) is ‘Rob Lawrence’s grey and white army’’. Any football fans will know exactly how to sing that. So even though sharks are not as rife as they should be, the atmosphere on Blue Pointer II is still energetic, and a lot of fun, as we are still getting to make peoples’ dreams come true. Maybe not with our singing, but definitely with our great white sharks.

Kimberley x x