“Great White Shark Excitement”

Reviewed October 5, 2013
Your day begins at sunrise with a greeting from the cheerful staff of African Shark Eco- Charters for a day filled with Great White Shark excitement, and a snug ride out to an island filled with seals and birds. Immediately upon arrival the crew begins spotting for great white sharks apexing in the area. When a shark is sighted the captain quickly moves the boat into a good viewing range. Following this exercise the boat began towing a seal decoy in hopes of attracting some shark action. On our two outings we were able to view a shark breaching the water. All the crew helped position passengers for views of the action and suggested spots for the keen photographers.
The last stage of the outing was shark cage viewing. This operation provides a dive mask and a dive breathing apparatusconnected to an oxygen tank. This is real plus as the snorkelers are able to fully submerge and get a long observation of the sharks circling the boat. There was an excellent observation area on the upper deck over the cabin.
Staff gave great explanations about what was going to happen so that guests could position themselves and fully enjoy the experience. Nice simple lunch of meat or cheese sandwiches were available all morning.
Book two mornings if you have the time. Second outing is just as much fun and sometimes the weather will knock you off your scheduled departure. Very safe and competent organization we would strongly recommend African Shark Eco-Charters.
Visited September 2013