Ultimate Animals

I am a 19 year old Tourism student who needed to complete an internship at an established tourism business in order to complete my studies. Since I have a deep passion for our natural marine beauty and the animal abundance we are blessed with here in False bay, and have lived here for many years, I had decided to go to a local tourist hot-spot, Simon’s town. In searching online I came across African Shark Eco Charters and after reading their excellent reviews, mission and vision they were the first company I had approached to complete my internship. I sent out many emails trying to convince busy establishments to accommodate me. The next day I received a swift response from their booking and client liaison officer / manager Nadine Bentley. She stated they were extremely busy with an important deadline, but would be happy to accommodate me in a couple of weeks.

Emergency situations were dealt with calmly.

We later arranged dates for me to come into the office. Nadine was hospitable and very accommodating, thinking little of taking the time to explain how things work to me regarding all office operations. I learned so much facts about things like weather, the sea conditions and the marine life that call the ocean home. She was patient in taking time away to give me tasks and check them promptly, kindly helping me if any mistakes were made. I watched her deal with an emergency situations calmly and efficiently, making sure everything ran on schedule without fault, showcasing ASEC’s drive to make sure every guest’s experience is as smooth as possible and to help with any situation.

They even help guests get on a trip if they themselves cannot accommodate them.

They even help clients find other shark tours if they are fully booked themselves. They are wanting to make sure Great White Shark fin above waterpeople get to learn about sharks even if they don’t book with ASEC. She further expressed African Shark Eco Charter’s passion for the Apex predator the great white shark. They strongly believe in changing the perception people have of great white sharks and respecting the balance they bring into the ecosystems in which they live. They are completely ethical in their practices with dealing with the sharks and their clients, ensuring the highest possible standards in the shark industry. By always being honest and transparent with guests.

ASEC does not compromise on safety!

I have witnessed cancelled trips in my time here, due to bad weather. ASEC does not compromise the safety of their guests by going out in dangerous conditions in any way by doing so. But with Rob Lawrence, the owner, still going out with most trips, he ensures the trips are as informative as possible while still being personal. With over 20 years experience in the field, he is one of the most knowledgeable people involved in all areas of the white shark cage diving industry in South Africa.