Important Shark Tour Information for guests – what you should know before you go

We do our best to find sharks on our trips. We have a very high success rate, however with all wild animals there is no 100% guarantee that you will see sharks. Shark sightings, activity, predation activity and breaching can vary from day to day, and even during the height of the peak season there may be days when we do not see any breaching or predatory events. Guests need to aware of this, so you do not arrive with unrealistic expectations. Rather come hoping to see breaching and predation events, than expecting. Please take the time to read the shark tour information below.

No refunds will be made for non-sightings. We will however offer you a voucher for another trip.

The following shark tour information will ensure you maximize enjoyment of your trip. Please read and adhere to carefully.

The day before your shark tour

It is very important that you contact us the day before the trip to check that your trip will be departing as planned.

  • OFFICE hours. 9am to 5pm. +27(0) 21 785 1947 or +27(0) 82 838  2309 or+27(0)82 674 9454. Please do not phone in middle of the night as we are closed.
  • If on the day you run into difficulties call Rob Lawrence on +27(0) 82 567 8915. His phone is on from 5.30am. However, if you arrive late and are left behind we cannot refund you.

Departure times

  • Airjaws trip departs at 07.00 am sharp. Please be at the Simon’s Town Pier by 06.45 am.
  • Afternoon trip leaves at 13.00/13.15 pm. Please be at the bookings office at 12.30 pm to pay.
  • NB: PLANES & TRAINS DON’T WAIT ~ NOR DO BOATS!! Unfortunately we cannot refund guests who are left behind. If you are late and miss the boat, you will be charged in full as a “no show”.

Meeting Point

  • AM trips to meet on the pier. Our crew will meet you at the end of the pier. The boat (Blue Pointer 2).
  • PM trips to meet at the shop.

We are situated next to the post office in Simon’s Town Board Walk Centre, Wharf Road, Simon’s Town.
Shop WC13, Simon’s Town Boardwalk Centre, St George’s Street, 7975, Simon’s Town.


  • Hotel pick up is at 05.15 – 5.45 am for a Great White Shark trip, and at 5.30 am for a Blue Water Shark Trip.
  • Afternoon collection is at 12.00 pm.
  • Please double check that you have given us the correct hotel details for your collection.

Should you be late and miss the shuttle, you will be charged as a “no shows”. Guests will be charged in full plus transfer.
Also, please ensure you get on the correct shuttle with AFRICAN SHARK ECO-CHARTERS

What to bring?

  • Warm wet weather jacket, polarized sunglasses, peak cap, fleece beanie, towel, bathing costume, sun block, and camera (we do stock disposable underwater cameras). Sea Sick tablets if necessary.
  • We recommend that you do not over indulge in alcohol the night before as this may result in you being very sea sick the next day.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Should the trip be cancelled due to bad weather, no cancellation fee will apply.
  • PLANES & TRAINS DON’T WAIT ~ NOR DO BOATS!! No refunds will be made for guests left behind.

Exclusive Hire & Groups 5 or more

  • 30 days prior to start date 50% cancellation fee
  • 15 days before start date – 100% cancellation fee

Individuals & Groups less than 4

  • Less than 7 days -50% cancellation fee
  • 48 hours before the start date – 100% cancellation fee


Payment is to be made directly after the trip via cash or card. Afternoon trip pays before departure. A reminder that there is a 2.5% credit card surcharge.


Tipping is at the sole discretion of the guests. It is always welcome but not compulsory and should be subject to the service rendered. Should you wish to leave something of the crew, please give it to the skipper or the payment office, who will share it equally with the boat crew of that trip.

For any other Shark Tour Information please contact us

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