“Orca and Great White trip of a lifetime”

Reviewed 27 March 2015

Myself and my boyfriend just so happened to be on a tour where we stumbled upon a pod of orcas as soon as we left the jetty (I think the whole crew were in agreement that it was the best trip of the season!)
The skipper Rob spotted them immediately and was respectful when following them, we didn’t chase them at close range, but they were playful enough to come to us and swim right under our boat. Respect for creatures like that is something that’s extremely important to me and it was clear that the whole team were of the same mindset, just blown away by seeing the killer whales at all.
There were dolphins and seals in the bay as well as we left, and it’s saying a lot that by the time we got to Seal Island to dive with the Great Whites that they’d become a bit of a side-show to the Killer Whales!! Kim the dive instructor and Gary the dive master were fantastic at making everyone feel comfortable when we were diving and the fact that this company provide regulators for you to breath underwater makes the experience even easier to enjoy. (I couldn’t quite get my head around the breathing so I just held my breath but my boyfriend has some previous dive experience so he was able to use it and stay underwater).
The Sharks were amazing and we had lots of sightings with everyone having the opportunity to get in the cage and see them. THEN on the way back the Orcas came and found us again and if you fancy a taste of what it was like then there’s a video on the African Shark Eco Charters website of our sighting.

It was a day I will never ever forget and the whole experience was made possible by the wonderful crew. Thanks guys!!!!
Visited March 2015