In the last few trips we have seen an average of 6 sharks visiting our boat per trip. We have definitely seen a big increase in the hunting behavior of the Great White Shark vs Cape Fur Seal, we have seen a scavenge or a predation on almost every single trip last week.

On Friday we had 2 magic breaches on our decoy one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The hunting has once again starting to kick into gear.

Friday afternoon we had a very special guest join us on the boat. Jacque Fourie a South African Rugby Player with over 60 caps for the Springboks joined us for a Shark Diving Experience at Seal Island along with his wife and there 2 friends. Here is a pic of the crew with Jacque Fourie. By all accounts the ladies had a great dive, and saw a couple Great White Sharks. But when it came to the men’s turn, the sharks were a bit quite, coming and going; but nonetheless they had a great trip. We had a fantastic breach to end the day at the Island and then had some amazing Common Dolphins on the way back to Simons Town Harbour.