The "flying" Great Whites of Fasle Bay - as seen on Airjaws 1 & 2

The “flying” Great Whites of False Bay – as seen on Airjaws 1 & 2

Airjaws 1 and 2 is the most successful shark show ever made by Discovery Channel, and it concentrates on the “flying” great white sharks of Seal Island, False Bay, South Africa.

The boat it was filmed on was the ‘Blue Pointer”, operated by Rob Lawrence of African Shark Eco-Charters. According to Rodney Fox, Peter Benchley and Rocky Strong, as well as the whole National Geographic film crew who were out with us in 1999, they believe it to be the best place on the planet to see natural predator-prey interaction as well as other unique behaviours such as Great White Shark breaching.

Rob helped produce and starred in “Air Jaws”. Since then the Discovery Channel has completed filming on “Air Jaws II” with him, and African Shark Eco-Charters has facilitating several international film crews every year including the Discovery Channel, the BBC Natural History unit as well as Animal Planet.

Airjaws has put False Bay, South Africa on the map, and it is the top destination for those wanting to see the spectacular breaching behaviour of the Great White Sharks at Seal Island.

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