Trip Happenings

Trip Happenings with African Shark Eco-Charters

August 17th

So after three bad weather days in a row with very strong winds, we at African Shark Eco-Charters are contemplating what we may find

when we go back to the island. Will the weather have encouraged new sharks into the bay, or fooled our current sharks into thinking it’s the end of the season? It’s obvious what we are all hoping for, but this late in August either is possible. The trips before the strong winds were very up and down, as has been the norm for this season – impossible to predict! A couple of mornings we were out and saw 8 or 9 good predations, other mornings none. One morning we had 3 breaches on the decoy, the next nothing! The white sharks have always been an entity unto themselves, but their behaviour this year has been incredibly confusing – especially for Rob who has worked on these waters for 20 years.

One of the sharks’ who was tagged by the Shark Spotter programme back in April had his tag fall off during the week. This was a shark that we watched being tagged from our boat right at the start of the season, a very active shark around the cage diving boats, who moved off in that strange period where the sharks all disappeared during April. We had hoped that his movements would give us an indication of why the sharks all left in what should have been a busy period, but the only information we have received so far is that he is further north along the coast in South Africa. So this shark did spend the winter months in the country, and didn’t move long distances – so the question as to why  False Bay became uninhabited overnight will probably never be answered!

The one shark who has made a name for himself (OK, its a rubbish name, but forgive us) is Scratchy Head. He has spent the most time around the boat in the last couple of weeks, and seems to be one of the only sharks who will stay around and play with the bait and decoy. Being quite a large shark, at around 4m he gives a great show!

One of the best things about being on our boat, and working in this industry is the amount and variety of people you meet on a daily basis. These people are with us for up to 6 hours a day, and we do feel like we’ve made friends with many of our guests! Talks about who is returning next season, and when, are already happening. It’s amazing to feel that African Shark Eco-Charters has built this incredible international family from America to Slovakia, England to Ireland, even Russia and China! I hope that everyone comes back (big ask I know, and not very likely, but still…..!), as we’ve met some great people this year! Some of whom I hope will stay friends for a long time to come J. Keep following us on Facebook, and ‘liking’ our photos and stories so that we can know that our international family is still complete!

Kimberley x x