Are you ready for shark season?

So what's in store for us here at African Shark Eco Charters for the next few months you ask? Well with winter almost here you should be in for a treat. Having out first airjaws experience for the year last week with a great white shark breaching on out decoy seal. We are looking forward to a good season with loads of white sharks at the boat, great viz, ultimate airjaws and some epic breaches. We will even throw in a couple natural predations on False Bays very own cape fur seals at the infamous Seal Island. Sound intriguing yet? [...]

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Shark Cage Diving with the mysterious great white sharks

A creature that remains one of the ocean’s great secrets is the great white shark. Mysterious, cloaked in myth, superstition and an abundance of bad press, there are few known actual facts about these elusive predators. We do know that they are far more fearsome in our imaginations than in reality. Perhaps it is because we know so little about them that we fear them so irrationally. While we know a lot about their physical characteristics and internal physiology and even a good deal about their feeding behaviour, this is where the knowledge ends.  How much of their behaviour is [...]

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Great White Shark Anatomy

  “Flying” Great Whites of False Bay   Ever wanted to take a look inside the body of a Great White Shark to see what make it such an incredible apex predator? Check out this link on the anatomy of the Great White Shark on the National Geographic website. Join us on one of our “Airjaws” shark breaching trips to witness this spectacular breachingbehaviour of the Great White Sharks. This is certainly something that you do not want to miss! Here is some further information on our Great White Shark breaching trips. We would consider our high season [...]

ASEC film announcement – Great White Shark Legend

We at African Shark Eco-Charters are thrilled to announce the production start of our own feature length documentary, "GREAT WHITE SHARK LEGEND". The film has completed an extensive 18 month pre-production schedule and we can confirm we are now in full production! Great White Shark Legend is being produced and directed by international film-maker Ricardo Lacombe and his wife Rachel, who have worked with us on our various promotional videos. But we're upping our game to bring you a feature documentary, carrying forward our ethos of responsible education and awareness for great whites. Our very own "shark legends" Rob Lawrence and Karen Lawrence are [...]

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