So we’ve cancelled your shark cage diving trip-what now?

Top 10 things to do in Simons Town if your shark cage diving trip gets cancelled

You made your online booking weeks ago, told everyone including your nosey co-worker of your upcoming Afri-venture, got on a long car or plane ride to Cape Town, and the day of your cage dive is finally here! Except -we just cancelled the trip cause of rough sea conditions or bad weather and what’s worse-you are already on your way to Simons Town! What to do now?

While it is a quaint seaside village at the tail end of the southern cape peninsula, Simons Town has its fair share of activities on offer sure to help you recover from the day’s disappointment.

Here are the first 5 things to do when in Simons Town


There is a high likelihood you rushed through your morning to not miss your shot at seeing the sharks and perhaps you forgot to eat. There are multiple European style restaurants in Simons Town offering a variety of foods that range from the traditional to artisanal.

Recommendations- The Salty Sea dog (for local fish and chips), Saveur restaurant (contemporary, perfect for the more health conscious), The Lighthouse Café (Hearty classic European eats)


Everything in Simons Town is a 5-10 minute walk away so getting around is pretty easy. Why not switch it up a bit by cycling around and taking in the sea air! Pop into Simons Town backpackers to rent a bicycle for a few Rands per hour.


“No visit to Simons Town is complete without getting to know the locals”. In other words you have not truly experienced Simons Town until you encounter these little guys.

Boulders beach which is a kilometre’s walk away from the African Shark Eco-Charters office is home to the African Penguin. These endangered birds walk the streets of Simons Town freely but if you would like to see them nurse their young and splash around in their numbers then a visit to their home, Boulders Penguin colony, should be on your list.


Why not browse some of our boutiques and vendor stands for a beautiful souvenir or gift? There is a variety of local and international beadwork and other craft on offer from stores such as Craftart & Gallery and The Meeting Place.


If you are interested in naval history then a historical tour of Simons Town complete with visits to the museums is for you.  The town’s rich naval history, complete with famous dog mascot named Just Nuisance, will certainly enhance your experience.

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