Zaakiyah’s first shark cage diving trip

Shark cage diving with African Shark Eco-Charters   We are excited to welcome our newest member, Zaakiyah, to the African Shark Eco-Charters family. Recently, Zaakiyah got to experience her first-ever encounter with the Great White Sharks on a shark cage diving trip in Gansbaai. We asked her to mention a little bit about her shark cage diving experience. Here is what she had to say:   "It was a beautiful summer morning when I left Cape Town for Gansbaai to experience my first shark cage diving experience. It took us just under 3 hours to arrive in [...]

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Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving is an amazing way to experience being with the great white shark. We love it when guests  start the trip a bit fearful and then leave, saying " wow, those sharks are amazing'. Its great to be able to educate and change negative perceptions into a positive one. Then, by sharing this experience,  are able to pass that forward and change others misconceptions. There are two shark area's. Simon's Town and Gansbaai. During the Summer (October-end January), it is the low- intermediate  season and we would recommend shark cage diving  in Gansbaai instead of Simon's Town (Seal Island, False Bay). Reason being, is that  in False Bay [...]

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