Blue sharks

Blue sharks get their name from the beautiful blue colour of the skin on their back and sides. These sharks are extremely wide-ranging and can be found in both tropical and temperate seas, in waters between 7 and 16 degrees Celsius. They are also known for producing large litters of pups, between 4 and 135 pups at a time, with the number of pups determined by the size of the female. This species is usually found in deep waters, up to 350 metres and are considered a pelagic or blue water shark species. While out in the deep blue this [...]

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Adventurous shark cage diving with the Blue & Mako Sharks

Adventurous shark cage diving with the Blue & Mako Sharks. This adventurous shark cage diving trip takes you 15 - 25 miles off Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope in search of Blue & Mako Sharks, and is a perfect alternative in our summer months when it is low season for the Great White Sharks. For nature-lovers wanting to experience a bit of everything, then this shark cage diving trip is a definite "must-do". Blue sharks are afraid of very little and are usually the first to approach diver and cage with a lot of interest, only satisfied [...]

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