What Are Sharks Good For?

Contrary to the song:”…what is it good for, absolutely nothing” Sharks have surprised us yet again, with yet another reason to keep them around for generations and generations! What is this new reason; well, sharks are helping find a cure for cancer! That’s right, you heard me, helping towards finding a cure for cancer, amongst other debilitating and fatal diseases! Talk about an about turn; from man-eating killing machine to life saving benevolent being! Sharks constantly find themselves having to defend themselves, from other sharks, humans and even prey. The Sharks’ battle tested immune system has held them in good [...]

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  Let’s take a peek inside the diet of the ocean’s most feared predator. We know sharks eat other fish, sea turtles and seals, but what else can find in the diet of a beast. Food chains always start with a plant because they are producers. A food chain can only go in one direction. Animals get their energy by eating food. Some animals eat fish; some fish eat other fish. Some animals eat plants; (and in the oceans) some plants eat animals. There is a delicate web of the food chain in the ocean which is heavily relied on [...]

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When the sharks don’t come to the party

One of the many things we here at African Shark Eco-Charters pride ourselves in, is our business ethic and customer service. As a result of this, even though we are not in control of nature, whether it’s sea and weather conditions, or the sharks activity on any given day, we have put safe guards in place to ensure that you, our valued guest, gets to experience the amazing Great White Shark in its natural environment. The first thing is; we will not take payment (unless it’s a deposit for a group of 5 or more persons) before the day of [...]

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Latest Tripadvisor review

Reviewed by Denise N 10 Jul 2018 Fun and Educational The crew are so dedicated and knowledgeable. It was a learning experience as well as an adventure. I felt lucky to have had the opportunity to see even just one great white shark.The crew really does try their best to attract sharks but the sharks have been in low numbers the last couple of seasons so people need to have realistic expectations. They really do try to give everyone the best experience possible given the circumstances on each particular day. Rob, the owner (and he personally skippered all 3 trips [...]

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The Marine Eco-System-Part Two

Taking this further, let’s look at the Shark, and specifically the Great White Shark. Being the Apex Predator, the removal of this creature will cause a top down effect on organisms that are lower on the food chain. For instance, it has been seen in some parts of the ocean where the population of the main predator has been reduced, resulting in the main prey then increasing and eventually eating themselves out of their food source! This then changes the entire ecology of the area. Logically, should the White Shark become extinct, it’s main food source, being seal, sea lion [...]

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Let’s Talk About The Great White Shark

Three little words that strike fear into the most intrepid adventurer, the strongest man and the biggest adrenaline junkie. Three little words that make life time surfers perspire in their wetsuits while on their boards, and take the breath of experienced divers away! Three little words that have mother’s holding a little tighter to their children and father’s swearing to protect to their last breath. Three little words that have caused the death of hundreds of thousands and screwed with our eco-systems! And those three little words: Great White Shark! Great White Sharks didn’t get to be so very terrifying [...]

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The Marine Eco-System

As we are all aware, the earth is made up of eco-systems and sub eco-systems. Well so are the oceans. We hear how removing something from an eco-system causes damage and changes, but let’s have a closer look at this from the oceans perspective. Firstly, the marine eco-systems are the largest of the earth’s eco-systems and include salt marshes, intertidal zones, estuaries, lagoons, mangroves, coral reefs, deep sea, kelp forests and sea floor. Think about it, the oceans cover more than two thirds of the planet, and many will attest to the oceans’ influence. Every day, we are pretty much [...]

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The Seven-Gill Cow Shark

Let’s Talk About It – The Seven-Gill Cow Shark I decided to talk about the Sevengill Cow Shark this week, because against all that is “normal” we have been visited by these pre-historic looking, gentle sharks at Seal Island lately in the absence of our glorious Great Whites. Not to say that it hasn’t been wonderful, it’s just been different, as Cow Sharks tend to spend most of their time in deeper waters and kelp forests, only coming into shallower waters, it is believed, to breed.   They make me think of the sock hand puppets we used to make [...]

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The mistakes we keep making

In last decade has seen poaching brutality against rhinos rise so sharply, that people are beginning to fear they will be culled to extinction in the near future. “South Africa is home to about 80 percent of the world’s 29,000 rhinos. Though this is the third year in a row the number of rhinos poached in South Africa has dropped—from a high of 1,215 in 2014—conservationists say these losses are still unsustainable. The decline last year was small enough that it could be accounted for by undetected carcasses in large national parks, according to TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring organization.” [...]

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Many kinds of methods used to protect humans from sharks are increasing the decline of the shark species. Many of these methods cause more harm to the shark and their species. So how long have Sharks been on Earth for?   Fossil evidence shows that sharks populated the planet before the dinosaurs existed, more than 400 million years ago. Since the skeleton of the shark is composed primarily of cartilage, the only thing conserved from prehistoric sharks are fossil samples of the dermal denticles and teeth, but there are some exceptional cases of preserved skeletons.   Certainly, not all of [...]

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