Let’s Talk About It – The Importance Of The Marine Eco-System. Part One

Despite the importance of the biological diversity in the world’s oceans, and the well balanced community of species, with the over fishing, illegal fishing and poaching of the oceans resources as well as climate changes and the steady destruction of marine habitats, the Marine eco-systems are becoming increasingly unstable. Every eco-system plays a vital role; one of the most important functions of the marine eco-systems is the production of biomass from sunlight and nutrients, which represents the basic food course for all marine life, and so ultimately human also. Around half of the worlds’ primary productivity is achieved by microscopically [...]

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Let’s Talk About It…What to do when your shark trip is cancelled

“We regret to inform you that your shark trip for tomorrow has been cancelled…”Of course, it is the last thing you want to hear when you have been waiting months for your shark trip to eventually roll around; but in reality, it can and does happen from time to time, so when it does, let’s see how we can somehow still make your day a good one! The reason for the cancellation will play a large part in what other activities are on offer, so let’s go through a couple. Firstly, hopefully you booked your shark cage dive early into [...]

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Our Great White Shark friends are back!

We have been lucky enough to run back to back Great White Shark trips to Seal Island for the past few weeks - it's safe to say our Great White Shark friends are back! The AM trips have been a real once in a life time experience for our guests with numerous full natural predations, scavenging behavior and predations on our decoy! With a breath taking sunrise almost every morning sets for a photographers dream, giving guests the best possible lighting/background False Bay has to offer! On average we have been having 3-6 different Great White Sharks around our boat [...]

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Red means DANGER

We’ve always associated colours with meaning; blue = cold, yellow = sunny and red = danger. So following that train of thought, the words “Red Tide” should set alarm bells ringing as a sign of something dangerous. Red Tide is a colloquialism for the out of control growth of harmful algal blooms, these are small, single cell plants that live in our oceans and freshwaters, which then produce toxic effects on fish, shellfish, marine mammals, and birds and have been known to cause illness in humans, if the contaminated fish / shell fish is consumed. These “blooms” will most often discolour [...]

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Trip Happenings

Trip Happenings with African Shark Eco-Charters August 17th So after three bad weather days in a row with very strong winds, we at African Shark Eco-Charters are contemplating what we may find when we go back to the island. Will the weather have encouraged new sharks into the bay, or fooled our current sharks into thinking it’s the end of the season? It’s obvious what we are all hoping for, but this late in August either is possible. The trips before the strong winds were very up and down, as has been the norm for this season – impossible to [...]

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Mako Sharks

The Mako shark is the fastest swimming shark in the world at 40 kilometres per hour, attaining burst speeds up to 70 kilometres per hour. Most individuals are between 1.5 and 2.5 metres in length but large females up to 4 metres have been previously recorded. This species is found in temperate and tropical (17-22 degree Celsius) waters up to 500 metres in depth. These sharks, like white sharks, are adapted to life in these cool waters and have a heat exchange system in their body that keeps their muscles and internal temperature above that of the surrounding cool waters. [...]

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Fantastic Experience with African Shark Eco-Charters

“A fantastic experience!” Reviewed 29 April 2015 We had a great time with the Eco-Charters team. We were fortunate enough to have a good shark day at the beginning of April. We the the last of the charter boats to arrive at Seal Island - the others were already anchored and had some shark activity so our captain decided to try and get a breaching attack - not usual for this time of year - and we were successful - not a full "airjaws" experience, but a great visual of the shark breaking the water to attack the decoy! The [...]

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False Bay Marine Big 5 With African Shark Eco-Charters

Here in South Africa we have the famous Big 5 Safari animals  (lion,  leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo),  But have you heard that we  have an equally impressive Marine Big 5 right here in False Bay?  The Marine Big 5 are made up of the Southern Right Whale, Cape Fur Seal, African Penguin, Common Dolphins and our favourite the Great White Shark.  False Bay in the Western Cape is one of the only places in the World that can boast of such a diverse and unique range of marine wildlife, making it a one of a kind Eco-Destination. On our Great [...]

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Adventurous shark cage diving with the Blue & Mako Sharks

Adventurous shark cage diving with the Blue & Mako Sharks. This adventurous shark cage diving trip takes you 15 - 25 miles off Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope in search of Blue & Mako Sharks, and is a perfect alternative in our summer months when it is low season for the Great White Sharks. For nature-lovers wanting to experience a bit of everything, then this shark cage diving trip is a definite "must-do". Blue sharks are afraid of very little and are usually the first to approach diver and cage with a lot of interest, only satisfied [...]

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