Sharks, Seals and Unedited Raw Nature

My fellow shark enthusiasts

After missing 8 days at sea due to bad weather settling in for an extended stay over Cape Town we have been back on the water this past week and the sharks have been ready and waiting! We have had great success with our decoy on our recent trips with a hit almost every day.

On anchor around the boat has been exciting as well with between 5-8 great white sharks making an appearance on average each day.  Although the weather has been on the cold side, we’ve had an abundance of eager divers who have not been disappointed with the shark activity.

What a special place Seal Island is to be able to view multiple great white sharks after only a 25 minute boat ride!What’s important to remember is that these great white sharks are rare; they are one of the rarest predators on the planet. Unlike other large predators great white sharks cannot be kept in captivity long-term, which makes viewing them in the wild the only option available and since their medium of life is the open ocean this makes them even more difficult to find. Although there are a few places on the planet that great whites can be found with regularity, Seal Island is the only location you will get a chance to see the sharks hunt, breach and also be able to view them underwater all within one morning.

If you’re planning on joining us on one of our unique great white shark viewing and cage diving trips to Seal Island I have some advice for you when you’re out with us: Do yourself a favour and put your camera down. Put it down and leave it down for a moment and look around you. So often at Seal Island, as well as other places of remarkable natural events, I often find people worrying so much about getting the perfect picture that they forget to watch what is happening in front of them.Raw, unedited nature. There is nothing more theatrical than nature; nothing that can impress more both in its subtleness and intimacy and in its drama and spectacle. Take a moment to look at this exceptional animal with your eyes and not just through your viewfinder.

Take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are looking at a living fossil, predating the dinosaurs. A throwback to an uncomplicated age when life was just teeth, claws, fur and flesh. Life at Seal Island is still uncomplicated; it’s a life-and-death drama for both sharks and seals. Just take a moment to actually see.   Allie Skidmore

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