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Shark Cage Diving “Once in a lifetime!”

shark cage diving Shark Cage Diving “Once in a lifetime!”

I recently did the Air Jaws tour in mid-September with my boyfriend and another couple. Prior to booking the trip, I received lots of helpful information about the tour and what could realistically be expected from it. I felt very confident booking with the company that NatGeo and Discovery Channel use, regardless of what the shark sighting outcome would be. Thankfully we were not disappointed!!

The morning of the trip we met the company at the main docks and hopped on board. The owner of the company, Rob, was our captain that day and throughout the morning he told us about his company’s history, interesting stories, and lots of information on great whites. Rob is very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as his helpful staff. On the way to Seal Island we witnessed a poor seal become a shark’s breakfast. Once we got to Seal Island, we slowly trawled around it and got to see the famous seal habitat from all sides. Then we dropped the anchor and two by two, we got to get in the cage and go underwater!

We spent several hours at the cage diving site and saw several sharks up close! The company keeps the outings small, so there were only about a dozen patrons onboard and only 2 people are allowed in the cage at a time, which was great because we weren’t crammed in and everyone got to have at least one 20 minute dive. Having the use of regulators was also a great convenience. Visibility in the water was low, which cannot be helped, but I was still able to see two sharks while in the cage. The best sightings were from the boat and it was very exciting! Great whites really are magnificent animals. A highlight was when Rob spotted another feeding in between dives, so we pulled the anchor up and sped over to the kill site to see if there was anything left to be seen.

After the dive, we were given warm fleece ponchos after we changed. We were all given the option to go again after everyone had had a turn. There was also a cooler of drinks, sandwiches, and snacks for us. The restrooms are very basic (it’s a boat, afterall) so make sure you use land facilities before embarking.

Rob and his staff were really passionate about their work and giving us the best experience possible. Rob was also quite candid when he realistically said that people’s expectations are always high even though there is no guarantee of seeing anything (and you aren’t going to see “Shark Week” every time you go out, especially if you only do it once). So even though we didn’t see any breaching, we definitely got our fill of seeing the sharks swim around and it was thrilling to go into the cage. It was an incredible experience and I’m so glad we chose to do this excursion through ASEC. Thank you again for this once in a lifetime experience!!