Our Seas are alive with sharks

Our Seas Are Alive with Sharks!

The past few days the Great White Shark activity around Seal Island, False Bay has been steadily increasing as we approach our high-season (April-September).
We have had up to 6 different Great White Sharks around our boat in one single morning, hanging around long enough to give our guests the best viewing opportunity
possible! Our experienced skipper, Rob Laurence decided to tow our Shark Decoy on our way back to Simonstown Harbour, after an excellent day of Shark Sightings and
to all of our surprise we had a Great White Shark Surface Breach right behind our boat! So early in the season and already such good activity around Seal Island – Could
this be a result of current El Nino cycle we experiencing!?

Now lets not forget about the massive pods of Common Dolphins which have been around almost every trip, which by the way arn’t shy at all to play in our boats wake and
put on a great show for our guests! On Friday 4th March 2016, our skipper Rob Laurence spotted (which we still think has been the single largest pod of Common Dolphins this season)
one active pod not far from Seal Island itself. We have also spotted the odd Bryde’s Whales feeding amougst the Common Dolphins and ofcourse lots of Cape Fur Seals
not missing out on any action!

Today, Monday 07 March 2016, we were accompanied by a 79 year old local lady who had us all amazed as she joined her son in the Shark-Cage while a 4 meter Great White
Shark circled them, making numerous turns up and down the cage – After she had finished diving, one of our Crew Members spoke to her and she mentioned that Diving With
Sharks was one of the things she wanted to do before the age of 80 and that her birthday was soon approaching, and thats exactly what she ended up doing! Whats your
excuse? 😉

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